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Special Shape Bottle Conveying Case Filling Machine Special Shape Bottle Conveying Case Filling Machine

High speed, high efficiency, energy saving.

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  • Model: ZXP-360
  • Brand: Shangbaotai
  • Code: 8422400000

Special Shape Bottle Conveying Case Filling Machine

l  Loading speed is up to 24 cartons/min;    

l  High speed splitting mechanism;

l  Bottles feeding and conveying mechanism with screw star wheel;

l  Rotary bootles forking mechanism;

l  Customize products according to customer requirements.

Due to the bottles have high center of gravity, they are easy to be knocked down and traditional beverage packing machine is not suitable for them. So this technology is originated both inland and abroad.



Max output 21600pcs/h Bottle material PET

Installed power


Voltage 380V 50Hz

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Introduce foreign technology, adopt servo motor for controlling, applying soft-pushing way to achieve steady movement and high-speed split. Clamping mechanism, screws, star wheel and forking mechanism are cooperatively used to transmit. (This is a patent of our company) Bottles grasping head of OROBICA brand from Italy.