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About Shangbaotai
Noodles Production Line
Noodles Making Machine
Noodles Packing Machine
Accessory Equipment
Beverage Packaging Machine
PET Blow Mold
Media Interview
Company Profile-Shangbaotai Machine Technology (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.
High-speed Instant noodle production line
Extruded Snacks Noodle Production Line
Non-fried extruded noodle production line
From steaming to cooling-noodle production line
Cotinuous Flour Powder Mixer
Horizontal Type Flour Mixer
Customized Noodles Slitting Machine
Customized Barrel/Cup Noodles Sealing Packing Machine
High-speed Automatic Carton Packing Machine
Customized Screening Machine
Customized Seasoning Sauce Cooking Machine
Parcel Delivery Machine
Rorary Type Pet Bottle Crown Capping Machine
Customized High Speed Bottle Crown Capping Machine
Coveyor, packing machine for special shape bottle
PET Mold Processing Capacity
PET Mold Production Process
The instant noodles production line exported to Uni-President