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Noodles Packaging Machine

We make customized packaging styles for instant noodles, according to packing way request, also consider workshop size, noodle cakes features. SHANG BAO TAI make the noodles with different package, bag/pillow, cup/barrel, bowl are alternative. The instant noodles of barrel pack uses round cup or bowl. They are the most commonly used for eaters in terms of how them eat the noodles. As a container for soup noodles, round barrels are the best and it is the way better than to made the square one.

How does instant noodle packaging machine work?

Instant noodle packaging machine is an entry level pillow type flow wrapper, instant noodles were carried by infeed conveyor into film tube which is formed by bag former, then fin seal unit make bottom sealing, end seal unit cut for individual bags.

Various noodle packaging machine in Shangbaotai