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Fresh Noodle Production Line

Fresh Noodles Production Systems Fresh Noodles Prodction Systems

   The whole line design is a common line for cooked fresh noodles, and it is shared with the Compound Calender.

●   Light-electric control system is used and automation degree is high. 1~2 person is enough for the whole production.

   Two pieces of dough sheet compound and  transversely fold to be pressed by rollers.

   Low pressure saturated steam is used for cooking fresh noodles. Low energy consumption and safe operation.

   Well-cooked fresh noodles production line is suitable for many kinds of noodles like Hot-dry noodles, Lor mee and Cold noodles.

Fresh noodles production line

Fresh Noodles Prodction Systems
Fresh Noodle Production Line
Maximum output1000kg/H
Kneading typeVacuum Dough Mixing / Horizontal dough mixing
Yeast time20~30min
Roller width300~1000mm
Product moisture29~31%
Package formDesign according to customers'requirements
 Design according to customers' requirements