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Noodle Production Machine

We are the designer, manufacturer, and vendor of Noodles production plants.

Noodles Making Machine
Noodles Packing Machine
Accessory Equipment

PET Blow Mold

From development to measurement, we reduce potential risks by collecting the complete date. Acheive the best functions of products through appearance design.

PET Blow Mold

Beverage Packaging Machine

Conveyor, packing machine for special shape bottle and rotary type cover capping machine

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About Shangbaotai

Created in 1975, Shangbaotai Group is a world’s leading manufacturer for producing noodles processing line, beverage packaging equipments and plastics moulds. With headquarters in Taiwan, the group has two branches as Taizhi Machinery (shenzhen) company limited and Shangbaotai Machine Technology (kunshan) Co., Ltd which is a Taiwanese wholly owned enterprise specializing in R&D, manufacturing, sales and service.

The company has passed the ISO9000 QMSC in 2001. Now it has a plant of more than 50,000m2, which is equipped with more than 60 advanced equipments. In addition, the company has more than 200 experienced employees. 

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