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How are Instant Noodles Made/Manufacturing Process  High-speedInstant Noodles Production Line

Instant noodles are one of the staple foods consumed in many Asian countries. Through this years, the global instant noodles market is growing at a steady rate. Some of the factors driving the market growth are rise in emergence of innovative flavours, working women population, ease of preparation and storage, etc. The instant noodles have become internationally recognized food, and worldwide consumption is on the rise. The properties of instant noodles like taste, nutrition, convenience, safety, longer shelf-life, and reasonable price have made them popular rournd the world.
Choosing a right instant noodles machine is extremely important in any type of manufacturing business. It is advisable to take expert advice in getting the most suitable machine according to your specific requirement, and make sure all the quality and profitability of the product. Shangbaotai instant noodles production process from mixing materials to product carton package, automatic production lines are employed for producing instant noodles in your noodle foods. Hygiene management in strict standard is adopted to guarantee quality.

Instant noodles are currently witnessing a heightened demand, owing to the product innovations that have been introduced by the manufacturers, keeping in mind the preferences of consumers. This is the reason that Shangbaotai manufacturing process and noodle machines are also launching variants, which are inspired from tastes of various regions.

Manufacturing Unit


Feeder System


Continuous Mixer


Dough Conveyor


Compound Calender


Continuous Roller




Multilayer Steam Box


Quantitative Cutting Machine


Automatic Noodles Finisher


Frying Machine


Cooling Machine


Automatic Sealing Machine


Packaging Machine


Carton Caser

1. Feeder System

The system use vacuum conveyor to conveying the flour to storage tank or mixer.

2. Continuous Mixer

The motor drive gear drives the agitator shaft and mixes the flour with the water preparation solution to perform the dough mixing operation.

3. Dough Conveyor

The motor drives the drive roller to drive the belt, convey the dough on the belt, and then evenly feed the dough into the compound machine.

4. Compound Calender

Drive the sprocket gear through the motor reducer, rotate with two rollers, and press the dough out. The compound system makes two dough pieces first, then combine two of them into one piece that increases the noodles chewiness and taste good.

5. Continuous Roller

The dough is pressed from thick to thin through multiple sets of rollers. In addition, the dough has extended in many rolled directions to promote of malleable noodles.

6. Slitter

Drive the sprocket through the motor reducer to drive the slitter and put the pressed thin dough sheet into the cutter. Rotate the cutter and the dough sheet becomes a noodle.

7. Multilayer Steam Box

Driven by the motor reducer to drive the mesh belt, the noodles are driven by the multilayer rollover on the mesh belt. It is usually steamed at 100°C for 1 to 5 minutes. At the time, the starch in the noodles becomes digestible (pregelatinization).

8. Quantitative Cutting Machine

Driven by the rotation of the motor reducer to drive multiple segments with different speeds mesh belt, the noodles are stretched from the corrugated shape. The noodles are cut to a certain length. Fry or air dry them into different shapes of molded boxes.

9. Automatic Noodles Finisher

The motor drive cam moves in a reciprocating motion, and then the motor carries the rotary air blowing disk through the chain. The noodles are shaped by filtering compressed air.

10. Frying Machine

The motor drives the frying box and puts the noodles along with the fried box into the oil dewatering at 140-160°C medium-high temperature. At the first 30 to 40 percent of the moisture content in the dough becomes 3 to 6 percent here, and the starch is further gelatinization.

11. Cooling Machine

The drive transmission sprocket of the motor drives the lever to move the block forward. Forward process by blowing cool are with a temperature over 100 ℃ noodles for cooling.

12. Automatic Sealing Machine

The use of motor reducer to drive the splitter gap type operation, and transmitted to the suction cover and then discharged.

13. Packaging Machine

The conveyor belt runs horizontally, pushes the package into a long barrel surrounded by packaging materials, in the middle sealing device heats and seals the bottom of the packaging material, and cut the long drum into a single package. Use heat shrinkable film under heating condition, changed the original molecules between irregular arrangement, the infrared thermal radiation, such as plastic molecules to closely arranged, so that the original area is significantly reduced, tight packaging attached to product surface to achieve.

14. Carton Caser

The automatic packing machine automatically arranges the bowl noodles, loads it into the opened carton box, and the packing equipment for the sealing of the adhesive and other actions is fully automatic. Using P.L.C + touch screen control. It is greatly convenient to operate, manage and reduce the production staff and labor intensity. It is an essential equipment for automatic scale production.


Automation, stable operation, large production capacity, energy saving, lower production costs.

500kg bearing Mixer uses specially designed stirring blade to make stirring more uniform and make temperature more reasonable.

Flour scattering mechanism adopts auger rod, which makes dough smashing more uniform, feeding more steady and the dough surface more smooth.

All the pressing rollers use independent motor transmission, calendaring proportion is controlled by PCL programmer to make adjustment more convenient and efficient.

Five-layer designed steamer makes area distribution more reasonable, and low pressure steaming source is adopted to reduce energy consumption.

Triple stretching mechanism makes noodle loose, so stretching can be more uniform to assure quality. Waterfall flavor liquid feeding mechanism is used.

Specially designed oil circulating system of frying machine and auto noodles arrangement system make the oil temperature distribution more uniform, more effective and labor-saving.

Malfunction record and removal searching.

Noodle Product Types

The noodles of cut and wavy are conveyed to a steam box to cook by exposing to a temperature of 100◦C for 1~5 minutes. The starch got gelatinize and protein got denature in this process. The wavy noodles are sprayed with water before being conveyed to a steaming tunnel and the degree of cooking during steaming is critical and depends on the original moisture content of noodle; amount, pressure, and temperature of steam; and steaming time. 

Steaming is a key process in the manufacture of instant noodle types. Noodles are further folded before cutting for the square or round type products. The cut noodles are placed in molder of square, round, bowl, or cup shape, depending on the desired product shape before moving to the frying machine.

Noodle Product Type


(random strands)


Packing Method Type

Instant noodles are commercially available in three packaged forms, in a cup or bowl with the seasoning sprinkled over the noodles, other’s in a bag (or pouch) with the seasoning provided in a sachet inside the pouch.

Bagged instant noodles used to be mostly square, easy to shape and suitable for storage and transportation.

For sure that instant noodles are usually soaked in round containers, and square noodles are not very convenient to cook up with bowl. With the improvement of technology, and in order to meet the needs of people, the market is now basically round noodles packaged instant noodles.

The instant noodles of barrel pack uses round cup or bowl. They are the most commonly used for eaters in terms of how them eat the noodles. As a container for soup noodles, round barrels are the best and it is the way better than to made the square one.

Packing Method

Bag / Pillow

Cup / Barrel


Parameter list of Noodle Production Line

The machines of domestic famous noodle manufacturer are supplied by Shangbaotai, such as Uni-president, JML Food, NISSIN and BaiXiang ..etc. They already become into backbone of China instant noodles industry. Moreover, our products have beed exported to other countries, which including Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and other regions. We get the trust from machines users to achieve mutual and long term cooperation. Our production line of instant noodles have covered large range of the sales market in China, reaching over thirty countries and regions. This instant noodles production system winning approvals among customers both at home and abroad.

Capacity (meal/min)450360
Roll width(mm)900600
Retainer form(lane)54
Steaming time(/ secs)240240
Frying time/ secs125125
※ Design according to customers' requirements