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Instant Noodles Production Line  High-speed Instant Noodles Production Line


• Automation, stable, large capacity, energy saving, lower costs. 

• 500kg Mixer specially designed, stirring more uniform, mixing temperature reasonable. 

• Dough breaking mechanism with auger rod, breaking more uniform, feeding more steady, dough sheet more smooth. 

• Pressing rollers independent transmission, calendering ratio controlled by PLC program, adjust more convenient and efficient. 

• Five-layer designed steamer, space distribution reasonable; low pressure steam source, energy saving. 

• 3-section stretching making noodles loose, no sticking, to assure quality; waterfall flavoring mechanism is used. 

• Specially designed oil circulating system of frying machine, automatic noodles finisher makes oil temperature uniform, and more effective and labor-saving. 

• Malfunction record and delete searching.

Instant noodles are currently witnessing a heightened demand, owing to the product innovations that have been introduced by the manufacturers, keeping in mind the preferences of consumers. This is the reason that Shangbaotai manufacturing process and noodle machines are also launching variants, which are inspired from tastes of various regions.

Noodle Product Types


(random strands)


Packing Method Types

Bag / Pillow

Cup / Barrel


Parameter list of Noodle Production Line

Capacity (meal/min)450360
Roll width(mm)900600
Retainer form(lane)54
Steaming time(/ secs)240240
Frying time/ secs125125
※ Design according to customers' requirements