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Customized Bowl / Cup Noodles Sealing Packing Machine Customized Bowl / Cup Noodles Sealing Packing Machine

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  • Model: FGJ300-800
  • Brand: Shangbaotai
  • Code: 843810009

High-speed Automatic Sealing Machine

Bowl/Cup Sealing Packing Machine developed and produced by us achieves a full-automatic operation mode, including automatic noodles delivery, automatic bowl/cup supply, automatic cap suction, defective product removal, automatic noodles finishing, etc.

● Double-servo noodles pushing mechanism

● Double-line bowl felling and suction mechanism

● Double-drun bowl turning mechanism

● Double cover sucking and sealing mechanism

● Double-servo discharging mechanism

● Transmission over-load protection mechanism

                                                Noodles Pushing Mechanism                                        Failure Detection And Discharging

High speed automatic sealing machine

Output 300-800pcs/min Voltage 3phase 380V 50Hz
Air consumption 2.5m3/Min Cup/Bowl shape Customized
Total power Customized Automatic grade Automatic
                              Customized equipment of sealing bowl ,cup or box cover type

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The capping machine is made of alloy steel. Precise machining and stable heating can reduce the chance that the capping head sticks the bowl cover.

Optional concentrated lubricating system is convenient for equipment maintenance, effectively extend service life and raise efficiency. Discharging system uses precise sensor to detect, reflecting capping effect and discharging undesirable sealing.