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Full-automatic Noodles Carton Packing Machine  Full-automatic Noodles Carton Packing Machine

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  • Model: ZXJ-25
  • Brand: Shangbaotai
  • Code: 843810009

 Full-automatic Noodles Carton Packing Machine (Box Filler)

The instant noodle packaging machine is a packaging machine that packs instant noodles according to the block characteristics of instant noodles; this packaging machine belongs to the category of pillow packaging machines, and it is suitable for packaging blocks, regular, solid or pallets. .

The Full-automatic Noodles Carton Packing Machine really achieves unmanned operation. Maximum filling and packing speed reaches 25 cases per minutes. The whole set of equipment consists of a conveyor belt, a path separation mechanism, a cup overturning mechanism, accumulated delivery, servo bowls/cups pushing mechanism, full-automatic box filling mechanism and full-automatic box sealing mechanism.

  • Automatically finish all the process.

  • Upper stairs single piece automatic carton feeder, with the storage of 600 pieces.

  • Bowl turning mechanism is driven by air cylinder.

  • Assembly is driven by servo motor.

  • There are two servo bowl suckers for packing.

  • Undesirable shrinking can be automatically discharged.

  • Beautiful appearance, good forming effect.




Output 25box/min Voltage 3phase 380V 50Hz
Air consumption 1.5m3/Min Cup/Bowl shape Customized
Total power Customized Automatic grade Automatic

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American Nuodson hot melt adhesive system makes cohering more stable, production efficiency will also be higher.

Japan's Mitsubishi servo motor is applied.

Undesirable shrinking film can be discharged.