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PET Blow Mold PET Blow Mold

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PET products development Capacities

Comprehensive index of empty bottle.

Bottle features may be found during production.
Select the most suitable preform through estimating each indicator.
From development to measurement, we reduce potential risks by collecting the complete data.

blow mold

Product development cycle

Process Time Note
Structure and technical analysis 1~2 days Shang Baotai provides professional advice and solutions
Design drawings  1~3 days Provide a viable bottle design
Design drawings  3~7 days Used to see bottle appearance and physical performance test
Customer feedback base modification design 3 days Emergency items can be shortened to 1~2 days
Single test mode 7~10 days Clients pass the path test
Performance test and quality control, drawing confirmation 1~3 days Shang Baotai do or customers do
Modular production (24 sets) 27 days Aluminum mold module production can be shortened to 20 days
* Completion of production within 55 days from development to client mass production

Production equipment

There are more than 50 numerical control equipments, including MIKRON high-speed processing machine in Switzerland and GT-630 5-axis machining machine in Taiwan, providing high-precision machining process.

Process and use German EROWA rapid chuck fixtures for rapid exchange of workpieces and rapid workpiece positioning Repeatability up to 0.005 mm.

Many years of processing experience to provide the most complete process technology.

pet mold

Inspection development hardware

Master core technology development and ensure product quality stability

More than 20 online development and inspection equipments, with a market value of about 5 million RMB

NO. Food items Specification Origin
1 Laser Interferometer (Renisshaw) XL-80 United States
2 Three-dimensional detector (Zeiss) 7106 AKTIV Germany
3 Three-dimensional detector CWB-8106 Taiwan
4 Material Analysis Gun (Olmplus) DS-2000-C United States
5 Thick and thin (Olmplus) 8500 Japan
6 Top pressure meter m212B China
7 Bottle breaking instrument SYY300PC China
8 A cold, hot canned automatic blowing machine PMRB-2H China


Shangbaotai has started PET packaging related business for more than 10 years. In recent years, in response to market demand, it has fully cooperated with various manufacturers to complete the improvement of the bottle design and packaging production line.
Do your best to "sense new ideas, innovative design"

Designing for us to develop all new products

production management

3D texture processing
Craft a texture structure
IGES date for 3D mould
Texture processing with five-axis laser

shangbaotai pet mold