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Horizontal Mixer Horizontal Mixer

Apply to dough mixing for instant noodles, dry noodles and dumpling wrapper.

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  • Model: JBJ-500
  • Brand: Shangbaotai
  • Code: 843810009

Horizontal Type Flour Mixer

The flour mixer may process 500kg flour every time, is provided with a special-designed mixing blade and features double-shaft operation mode and multispeed full-automatic control to achieve evener mixing and more reasonable paste temperature. Human-computer interface operation and manual operation modes are available to facilitate on-site operation. The mixer has such advantages as less residue after discharging, good overall sealing property and stable and reliable transmission. A direct detection mode is used for the paste temperature to real-time detect the temperature of the paste in the mixer and detection data and recorded. The upper opening of the seasoning liquid quantifying tank is of small-bore design and a detector switch with higher sensitivity is used for detection to effectively ensure the process requirement of the customers.

  • Double-shaft operation;

  • PLC controls for time and speed according to technologies;

  • Special design for angle of mixing blade;

  • After unloading, there is a low remaining material ratio;

  • Dough temperature is appropriate and water content is even.

Moisture test of the mixer in one factory.

PLC control setup mixing time according to processing requirements.

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Capacity 500kg Voltage 3phase 380V 50Hz
Total power 37KW Automatic grade Automatic


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Adopt specially designed mixing blade and use double-shaft operation.

Directely detect the dough temperature.

Double insurance of protective cover; combined travel switch with proximity switch.