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Slitter Slitter

Width: 200-1000 mm
Tooth form: Square, Round, Required

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  • Model: Type-200/1000
  • Brand: Shangbaotai
  • Code: 843810009

Customized Noodles Slitting Machine

The noodle cutter uses a special-designed tooth form to cut the noodle piece into smooth and burr-free noodle and provide even and stable wave generation, thereby effectively improving product quality, and different specification of new products may be designed and produced as required by the customer.

  • Noodles are smooth, burr-free and no sticking;

  • Cutting sides are non-scrap to improve the fineness and reduce oil content of noodle cakes;

  • Low scrap rate and less char;

  • Appearances and taste of noodles are improved;

  • Advanced heat treatment is used to improve the hardness and endurance of the slitter to extend service life.

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Square slitter makes noodles in square shape. It is made of carbon steel, the material surface of which is adjusted to keep hardness uniform and material steady. After special shape design, the gluten is complete and smooth.

Round slittermakes noodles in round shape. This kind of slitter is mainly made of quality stainless steel, with the features of long service life, stainless and healthful.

Special shape slitter makes noodles in special shape. It can be designed according to customers' requirement, like butterfly noodles, sliced noodles and etc.