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Types And Operation Of Noodles Packaging Machine

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Without a doubt, with the recent increase in the acceptance of instant noodles as a quick-to-prepare meal for the family, the noodles packaging machine has seamlessly become a very key machine during the process of manufacturing instant noodles.


Well, despite the fact that these machines work to give the same result, the slight differ from each other based on their mode of operation as well as some parameters with which they work with. With this, it then makes it possible to have different types of noodles packaging machine for different types of instant noodles as the case may be.


With all these and more, it is very likely that you may be confused about which of these machines you should invest your money in. well, in case you are in this boat, the best option is to contact a professional noodles packaging machine manufacturer for the best products and advice.


So, without much ado, let’s take a quick dive as we look at the two major type of noodles packaging machine that are currently trending in the marketplace.


Non-fried noodle packaging machine

This is a fully assembled piece of equipment that employs a low temperature frying technology for producing good and nourishing instant noodles. Instant noodles produced using this technology comes with lots of juicy perks such as retaining its original aroma for a long period of time coupled with the fact that they are naturally delicious and nutritious.


More so, other nutrients such as vitamins, amino acids, trace elements, and even dietary fibre which are easily lost during the processing of fried noodles are kept intact in the non-fried noodles packaging machine.

 noodles packaging machine.

Some typical benefits of non-fried noodles packaging machine

1. By using steam technology compared to other conventional technology, the time needed for rehydration is greatly reduced to about 2-4 minutes.


2. Through high-temperature rapid vaporization couple with the drying technology, the process of rehydrating and gelatinizing non-fried instant noodles will definite match the basic requirement for an instant noodle.


3.  The fat content is highly reduced to about 4-5%, which is way lower than 20% as found in fried instant noodles. With this, non-fried noodles are safer and light on the taste buds.


Fried instant noodles Packaging machine

In this type of noodle processing machine, a high-temperature frying technology is employed. In addition to this, there is also a high degree of automation in this machine compared to the non-fried instant noodles counterpart.


Some merit of the fried instant noodles packaging machine

1. Maturation and cooling of the noodles is done using a touch screen conveying component, frequency conversion speed regulation, photoelectric tracking, PLC program control, full-line linkage, and single machine fine-tuning.


2. There is an automatic control of the frying temperature, with a safe, dependable, low oil content, and high yield of noodles.


3. There is an even mixing of water and flour, and the mixing of the dough is done using an oval paddle dual-shaft speed technology.


4. The consistency of dough curing is ensured using a static waking technology in the curing machine.


5. Food grade stainless steel are used for the food contact areas, and they are confirmed to meet the minimum hygiene standards.


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From the analysis above, it is obvious that both the non-fried and fried instant noodles packaging machine have their individual merits and demerits. But in case this is too much for you to handle at the moment, you can kindly click here to contact us for more information or to make a purchase.