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The Basic Knowledge About Noodle Making Machine

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Working Principle of the Noodle Making Machines

First, squeeze the flour into noodles through the relative rotation of the noodle rollers, and then cut the noodles into strips by the noodle cutter of the front head to form noodles. The shape of the noodles depends on the specifications of the noodle cutter. All models can be equipped with different specifications of noodle cutters. Therefore, a machine can be made into various specifications of noodles by changing the noodle cutters of different specifications. (Fully automatic dried noodle machine) is a new type of noodle assembly line equipment. The machine operates continuously from feeding to exiting. It has the advantages of high yield, high efficiency, time saving, labor saving, and easy operation. The produced noodles have good toughness and good taste. The characteristics of the medium-sized noodle machine are: the surface of the roll is finely ground by a grinder, which is smooth and beautiful, and the rolled noodle strip is even and smooth, ensuring good noodle quality. The machine is reasonably designed and adopts an array type, a reducer and a sprocket drive, with low noise , Compact structure, humanized design, labor-saving work.

 noddle making machine

Different types of noodles have different characteristics. We design and assemble our machines to produce noodles with specific properties (texture, size, shape, color, etc.). Instant Noodles, Dry Noodles, Fresh Noodles and Extruded Noodles are typical noodles in the market. Our noodle making machine can make your craft noodles with perfect quality and consistency.


Key Advantages of Noodle Making Machines

1. Noodles making machine is fitted with heavy duty mild steel fabricated structure

2. Easy to operate, saving time and labour

3. Operator needs no experience, production is rapid. The thicknesses of noodles are adjustable.

4. Advanced design and sanitary

5. Machine is easy to assemble, clean and maintain

6. Special alloy steel / cast iron gears minimize both friction and noise providing quiet operation.

7. Uniform products, reasonable price, small size, easy maintenance

8. Continuous product length: end numbers

9. Unique and reliable design

10. The noodles making machinery are highly effective as well as non-stop continuous noodles making process.

When choosing automatic pasta maker, the following item also should be considered:

Noodle cooling machine, Noodle frying machine, Automatic noodles finisher and more. With the noodle prudction line, we can get the final yummy noodle to eat.


Maintenance of noodle making machine

Then for fresh noodle machine production line automation process is necessary here to say, operators should understand that the main pressure of the machine for everyday use rules.

1, the bearing grease of the cutting need to replace every six months, and should keep the gears, lubrication of rolling bearings.

2, the most important thing is safe to use, illegal use of rigorous standard prohibited within not allowed to reach into the range.

3, before running the machine it’s would begreat idling for 10-15 minutes, when in winter indoor temperature is kept above 10-15 degrees.

4. Before the raw material for the production should have some checks, to remember the good raw material is the fundamental guarantee high-quality products.

5, fresh noodle production line must be cleaned after the shutdown. Avoid to bacteria contamination caused by produce.

6, the pressure cutting machine drying equipment is very important and should be improved, the operation of the device in the course of the press-cutting operator.Performance of the noodle equipment need a full control, in accordance with production requirements.

7, after the shutdown to keep machinery clean, no residual in each roll, no face blank.


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