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Brief Introduction of Shang Bao Tai Beverage Packaging Machine

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As a packaging solution provider, SHANG BAO TAI also focus on beverage packaging solution. From bottle cleaners to liquid fillers to capping machines, you’ll find everything you need to complete an efficient packaging line at SHANG BAO TAI. We offer a full inventory of different liquid-filling machinery to suit a variety of needs.

Types of Beverage Packaging 

Before, when we think of beverage packaging, the first thought is of glass or plastic bottles with a cap, but now we are starting to see alternative flexible packaging such as aseptic packaging in cartons or gusseted bags or bag in a box systems. The beverage packaging equipment business continues to evolve as new packaging methods are being introduced to allow beverage products to be more environmentally friendly with lighter packaging and longer shelf life. 

SHANG BAO TAI carries a full line of beverage packaging equipment and bottling machines to meet the challenge of your packaging needs.   It is time to start your project today by picking a line below!

 Beverage Packaging

Customized High Speed Bottle Crown Capping Machine

ü Capping speed is up to 550bpm;    

ü  Success rate of capping is up to 99.7%;

ü Leak detection and rejection mechanism;

ü Less ares occupation;

ü No need for adjusting customer's site layout.


Special Shape Bottle Conveying Case Filling Machine

ü Loading speed is up to 24 cartons/min;    

ü High speed splitting mechanism;

ü Bottles feeding and conveying mechanism with screw star wheel;

ü Rotary bootles forking mechanism;

ü Customize products according to customer requirements.


Rorary Type Pet Bottle Crown Capping Machine

ü Capping speed is up to 550bpm;    

ü Success rate of capping is up to 99.7%;

ü Leak detection and rejection mechanism;

ü Customize products according to customer requirements.


Benefits of Packing Machines for Breweries

In the early stages of operations or for small and niche breweries, manual packaging may be the preferred operational method, or at least a good starting point. Packaging bottles and cans manually can serve as a preliminary method before growing and saving up for a more automated system. Temporary and transitional packaging services are available for breweries looking to outsource this type of work. However, having your own packaging line typically saves money in the long run and gives brewers greater control over their products.

Packaging machines provide breweries with speed, consistency and efficiency on their packing line, saving employees time and the brewery money. Packaging machines also help a brewery reduce packaging costs, ensure a more consistent appearance, and promote good hygiene to prevent beer contamination. Consistent, well-placed packaging can reinforce and strengthen a brewery’s particular brand and help establish brand recognition and loyalty among consumers.

 Beverage Packaging Machine

Looking for A Beverage Packaging Machine Supplier?

As a professional machinery supplier, we are in this industry for years and if you have any inquiry about beverage packaging machine, please do not hesitate to contact us.