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Types of Beverage Packaging Machines and the Importance of Branding

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Beverages are one of consumable products that people can rarely do without. In beverage packaging, the primary purpose of beverage packaging, which is the outer wrapping, is to contain and safeguard the liquid inside. However, packaging serves more purposes than that.

In this article, I will take you through some types of beverage packaging machines as well discussing some benefits of branding.

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Types of Beverage Packaging Machines

1. Disposable Fluid sticks Packaging Machine

Yogurt in single-serve portions is often packaged using a fluid stick machine. Specially created devices called sticks type machines may pour liquid into stick packaging.

 Products that are particularly delicate, such as ice cream, yogurt, fruits, and cream, are filled without any issues. It is made following our customers' stringent hygiene criteria.

It can be created without being contaminated because it is fully automated and high in technology.

beverage packaging machines

2. Stick Powder Packaging Machine

Products like granular, oat, custard and all other powdered beverages are packaged into sticks with the proper weight. 

The pump is employed in place of an auger automatic feeding system, and the basic operation is remarkably similar to that of the stick liquid.

Stick packaging machines can be used to pack largely powdery drink items, such as pineapple powder drinks, lemon powder drinks, coffee, milk, etc.

3. Sachets Machine

Here, the container is shaped like a sachet that is sealed on all four sides. Due to the design of the package, a machine with a separate system from the film roll to the jaws must be used to make the packaging.

Because of this, stick-type machines and sachet-type machines are kept apart and cannot produce the two package shapes on the same machine. Liquid, powder, and every other beverage are filled and packed in sachet-type packaging devices.

4. Vertical Packaging Machine

This equipment can pack and fill quantities ranging from 50 grams to 5000 grams. The machine needs to undergo technological and design upgrades because it is filling and packaging heavier loads and doing so at a significantly larger volume than our other machines.

Importance of Beverage Branding

One of the first things a brand considers and develops is a logo because it is the essential component of representing a brand.

Logos frequently appear on a variety of platforms, including goods, marketing initiatives, packaging, social media, etc. To create the ideal logo, a lot of money will be needed.

Branding also helps customers in easy identification of their choice of product. The importance of branding cannot be overemphasized. The beverage packaging machine also helps with the branding of products.

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Most people love beverages and cannot do without having one or more daily. Having a beverage made in a healthy environment is what most customers love opting for.

Having gone through the types and the importance of a beverage packaging machine, why not contact us for one? Our customers are always our major priority.