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Things to Consider Before Choosing a Noodles Packaging Machine

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Perhaps you need a Noodles packaging machine to enhance the productivity of your industry, but you're worried about how to choose the one that best suits your need. Well, you're not alone as many people find it difficult too.

Choosing the right Noodles packaging machine can be challenging, but following the right guide can make it easier.

Luckily, this article explains factors you should consider before choosing a Noodles packaging machine.

Factors You Should Consider Before Choosing a Noodles Packaging Machine

Knowing whether your choice of Noodles packaging machine will be a hit or a miss depends on the following factors.

1. The Speed of the Machine

One standard measure of packing machine efficiency is the number of filled bags it can produce in a given amount of time. The pace at which the machine can produce finished bags is commonly indicated in bags per minute (bpm).

The actual number of bags produced per minute by a machine can be affected by a wide variety of variables outside the manufacturer's control.


2.  The Size of the Bags

Millimeters (mm) are used as parameters for packing machines to determine the bag's width, length, and/or depth. This means the final bag dimensions have to meet a standard.

Machines designed specifically for packaging noodles may handle both large and small bags. The bag parameters will determine the advice made by the manufacturer of your Noodles packaging machine.

The maximum weight of bags that can be processed by a packing machine may be determined by adjusting the equipment's bag weight specifications. Large or heavy bags can be stored safely on shelves built to support their weight.

3. Energy and Ventilation Requirements

Packaging machines can't do their jobs without a steady stream of power and fresh air. Specifics about these components are typically included in spec sheets that come with the machine as well.

4. The Bag Type

The packaging machine's capacity to handle different types of bags is another factor to think about. There is no flexibility between variants, so you can either use flat bags or more complex bags with features like stand-up pouches.

The most popular and inexpensive kind of packing is the pillow bag, which consists of two flat panels sealed together at the top and bottom and vertically down the back. You may usually find chips, single-serving snacks, and ounce packs of coffee in bags of this type.

DOYPACKS are flat pouches with a circular base that allow them to stand on their own.

QUAD SEAL BAGS are self-contained containers with a square footprint. Two side gussets and two panels joined by four vertical seals give bags of this type more structure and a modular look.

FLAT BOTTOM BAGS are similar to quad seal bags in that they also have two gussets, however, they only have a single vertical seal. This type of packaging is useful for both coffee and pet food.

GUSSETED BAGS are similar to pillow bags, except they widen from bottom to top instead of the top only.

Rectangular pouches with seals on three sides are known as THREE-SIDE-SEAL BAGS.

Condiments and seasonings that are meant to be used in single servings are typically sold in SACHETS, which are small, flat, 4-sided sealed packets.

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