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An Overview Of Noodles Making Machine

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Noodles have become a popular fast-food in many parts of the world. They are known for their diverse tastes which meet the consumer's demand for food.


Noodles are made from refined flour, are free of additives and preservatives, while their nutrients are being retained.


Noodles have high longevity and that is because they are moisture-free. During production, they are dehydrated via the drying process.


The equipment used in the production of noodles is the noodles making machine. It can be used to produce varieties of noodles with high nutritional value.


Using a noodle-making machine for noodle production will give you a convenient, simple, and efficient operation. It saves time and labor, consumes low power, etc.


Noodle machines can be customized according to the customer's specifications.


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Properties of Noodles Machine

The properties of a noodle machine are as follows:


ü Highly degree of automation

ü Safe, simple, and convenient to operate.

ü Production of quality noodles

ü Saves time and labor

ü Low power consumption

ü High durability, efficiency, and longevity

ü Stable and reliable performance

ü Low noise

ü Easy maintenance

ü Compact structure

ü Less investment with a high product success rate


noodles making machine

Working Process of Noodles Machine

All you need is to put the dough/flour inside the machine, it is then repeatedly rolled with relative rotation of the machine rollers until it attains the set thickness – dough sheet.


The dough sheets are then cut by the noodle cutter, to form noodles. The shape and size of the noodles depend on the specification of the cutter used.


All models of the noodle machine are equipped with different specifications of cutters which can be changed in other to obtain the desired size or shape of noodles.


Therefore, a noodle-making machine can produce different sizes and shapes of noodles by changing the cutters.


Precautions Taken When Operating Noodles Making Machine

Here are the precautions:


§ Before using a noodle machine, ensure it is placed on a smooth surface. This will help avoid vibration, tilting, and other problems during operation.


§ Always ensure the surface of the noodle machine is clean. Clear the dirt made by dough sheet regularly.


§ Lubricate the noodle cutter gears and bushings with lubricating oil.


§ By the operating instructions; if there is no molding or the water content is much, increase the quantity of flour or reduce the amount of water. If the noodles are too dry, reduce the quantity of flour or increase the amount of water.


§ Before cutting the noodles, ensure the screws of the cutter are properly fixed.


§ After usage, shut down the machine correctly and unplug it. Clean the roller, cutter, and body of the noodle machine.


§ Also, pay attention to the maintenance of the machine if it is not in use for a long period.


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