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Customized Foreign Matters Separator Customized Foreign Matters Separator

Eliminate foreign matters from dehydrated vegetables and mushroom particles.

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  • Model: SXJ-700
  • Brand: Shangbaotai
  • Code: 843810009

Customized Flavor Sachet Dispenser

With the technology introduced from Japan, the advanced vibratory screening equipment and the advanced dust-removing equipment, the foreign body screening machine researched and produced by us is able to make sorting treatment according to the sizes and shapes of the materials, and then discharge such impurities as light hair and dust out of the materials. Additionally this machine is equipped with imported metal detection mechanism to remove the metal in the foreign body. This can meet the requirements of the customers and ensure the quality of the products.

Different modules are applied to different products.

The machine has a function of separating different shapes.

  • Detect and separate weight objects;

  • Detect and separate light objects;

  • Detect and separate metal objects.

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Min range φ1±0.5mm Voltage
3phase 280V 50Hz

Total power


Automatic grade Automatic

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Objects in different size are piecewise separated. Filter the scrap iron in primary materials by magnetism. Filter materials containing metal.