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Things To Do Before And After Using a Beverage Packaging Machine

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Being actively involved in industrial processes that require filling beverages into bottles requires you to know how to operate a beverage packaging machine.

If you work in the beverage industry, you know that specific needs should be met while filling beverages into bottles with a beverage packaging machine to maintain the quality of the products and prolong their shelf lives.

If you fancy learning more about how to handle beverage packaging machines in your industry, then you're at the right place.

At SHANG BAO TAI, we are willing to educate you on the things you should do before, during, and after using a beverage packaging machine to improve your working efficiency.

Things to Do Before Using a Beverage Packaging Machine

The first thing to do before you use a beverage packaging machine is to ensure that the bottles and the machine are clean.

You need to get bottle cleaners to remove specks of dust and residue from plastic, metal, or glass bottles into which the beverage will be delivered and packaged.

Particles, which act as contaminants are usually deposited in bottles and around the beverage packaging machine during shipping and storage and need to be eliminated.

Cleaning the bottles and the beverage packaging machine itself ensures that the packaged products are not contaminated.

A vacuum cleaner can be inserted into the bottles to remove clogged particles. The bottles can also be passed through ionized air to neutralize static charges that can attract debris, which can cause contamination.

Beverage Packaging Machine

Things to Do While Using a Beverage Packaging Machine

After removing every source of contamination around the beverage packaging machine, the next step is to transport the clean bottles into the filling compartment of the beverage packaging machine using conveyor belts.

Conveyor belts carry the bottles to the fillers where an appropriate quantity of beverage is delivered into the bottles.

Bottles should not be filled to the brim, thus, you should set the beverage packaging machine to fill the bottles to a recommended level.

Beverage packaging machines use different types of fillers to fill liquid beverages into bottles. Some common fillers include pressure fillers, gravity fillers, piston fillers, overflow fillers, and molten fillers.

After filling the clean bottles with beverages, the next thing you should do is seal or cap the bottles.

You need to pass the filled bottles to cappers, which place the caps on the bottles with pressure. Different types of cappers are available for different beverage packaging machines including chuck cappers, wheel plungers, snap cappers and spindle cappers.

Things to Do After Using a Beverage Packaging Machine

After filling and capping the beverage bottles, you need to put labels on them. Putting labels on your packaged beverage tells your customer about the content of the product in the bottles.

Labeling can be done manually by affixing stickers on the packaged beverage. However, certain automated machines can also be used to place labels on the bottles.

After completing the processes of filling, capping, and labeling your packaged beverage, the next step is to turn off the beverage packaging machine. After this, store the packaged beverage on shelves or other appropriate storage systems.

When necessary, the packaged beverage should be transported using delivery vehicles to the final consumers.

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