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The production process of instant noodles production line

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Instant noodles are a kind of instant food that is loved by consumers, and its production process has been processed by modern production lines. This article will introduce the production process of instant noodle production line, including raw material preparation, noodle making, seasoning preparation and packaging.


Raw material preparation

The process of making instant noodles first requires the preparation of raw materials. The main raw materials include wheat flour, starch, edible oil, etc. After these raw materials are screened, cleaned and weighed, they will be sent to an automated mixer for even mixing to ensure the quality and taste of the product.

Noodle making

Noodles are the main component of instant noodles. On the production line, flour and water are added to the noodle making machine in a certain proportion. A noodle maker mixes, presses and cuts the dough into long, thin noodles. The noodles are then cooked through processes such as steaming or dehydration to achieve the desired texture.

Seasoning preparation

The seasoning of instant noodles is the key to giving it its unique flavor. Depending on the taste of the product, the recipe of the seasoning will also vary. On the production line, various seasonings are accurately weighed according to the formula proportions and fully mixed through automated mixing equipment to ensure the uniformity of the seasonings.


In the packaging process of the instant noodle production line, the cooked noodles are first sent to the automatic packaging machine through the conveyor belt. The packer packs the noodles into plastic bowls or bags and packages the seasonings at the same time. The package is then sealed by an automatic sealing machine to ensure the freshness and shelf life of the product. During the packaging process, desiccant is also added to prevent moisture and deterioration.

packaging machine

Testing and quality control

The instant noodle production line also has testing and quality control links. Through automated testing equipment, the weight, packaging integrity and appearance of the product are tested to ensure that the product meets the standards. At the same time, sampling testing will also be conducted to evaluate the quality of the product's taste and taste.


The instant noodle production line achieves efficient production and stable product quality through precise operation of multiple links and the operation of automated equipment. The organic combination of raw material preparation, noodle making, seasoning preparation and packaging allows instant noodles to be quickly made and convenient for consumers to enjoy at any time. The instant noodle production line is a highly automated system that provides people with convenient and delicious fast food options.