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How Does the Noodle Making Machine Make Noodles?

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The Origin and Development of Noodle Machines

Noodle machines have a long history. As early as ancient times, people began to try to use simple tools to make noodles. However, with the advancement of science and technology and the development of industrialization, modern noodle machines have emerged. With their high efficiency, stability and accuracy, they have gradually replaced the traditional manual production method. Modern noodle machines use advanced mechanical technology and electronic control technology to automatically complete the mixing, extrusion, cutting and drying of dough, greatly improving the production efficiency and quality of noodles.

One of the most popular food amongst the youngsters these days is a noodle. Originated from the Chinese side of the world, it has become trendy in any part of the world. If you want to run a noodle business, you would certainly need to have information about the best noodle making machine suppliers in the market. There are many companies involved in this business. However; I want to a China-based noodle making company named Shang Bao Tai. This company is known in the country for providing industrial noodle making machine to different parts of the world. 

How the pasta machine works

The working principle of the pasta machine is actually not complicated, but it is very clever. First, mix flour and water in a certain proportion and form a soft and elastic dough after stirring. Then, the dough is put into the feed port of the noodle machine, and the dough is extruded into strips through the extrusion device inside the machine. The extruded noodles are conveyed to the cutting device. The cutting device usually consists of a set of sharp blades or dies. After cutting, the noodles are dried. Drying devices usually use hot air circulation or infrared radiation to quickly evaporate excess moisture in the noodles to prevent them from sticking and deteriorating. The dried noodles become dry and elastic, making them easier to store and transport. The dried noodles are packaged for easy sale and storage. During the packaging process, the noodle machine neatly puts the noodles into the packaging bag according to the preset specifications and quantity, and seals it. In this way, we can buy fresh and delicious noodles in supermarkets, restaurants and other places.

There are different types of noodle making machines manufactured by the company, and one of those types is a Horizontal Mixer. This machine is used for mixing dough to make instant noodles, dumpling wrappers and dry noodles.


This horizontal mixer can process 500kg flour at a single go. It is designed with a special mixing blade and operates on dual shaft mode. The mixer is working on an automatic multi-speed control so you can achieve the mixture evenly and also so you can paste the temperate more reasonably. It works on human-controlled computer operation. This mixture has many advantages like reliable transmission, better sealing property and low residue after discharge. It detects the paste temperature automatically after checking the requisite from the provided data. To ensure the efficiency of the data, a highly sensitive detector switch and liquid quantifying tank is also part of the horizontal machinery. The automatic noodles making machine price is $10,000, and you can customize your order as well as per your requirement.

Another machine made by this company is noodle slitting machine called slitter by the company. This industrial noodle making machine can slit the noodles automatically with the help of its round and squared tooth. The noodle making machine uses this tooth to cut down the noodles effectively without any burr. It also helps the machine providing a stable and even wave generation. This whole procedure will help the noodle manufacturer in improving the quality of the product and also will help them in making the products of new specifications on the demand of customer. Let me add a few positive points of this machine.

As mentioned earlier, this machine will provide you burr-free, smooth and non-sticking noodles which will improve the quality of noodles and eventually will help you in your sales. An essential factor of noodles is that it should have minimum oil containment. So, to ensure minimum oil, the machine has non-scrap cutting sides that will help in the fitness and also help in reducing oil from the noodles. The top company of noodle making machine suppliers has ensured that the customer who uses this product can have comprehensive benefits. So, they have made it possible that the machine will make tasty, good looking and quality noodles. The manufacturer wants to increase the service life of this machine, so, therefore, the machine has advanced heat treatment system which improves the hardness and life of the slit.