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How Does The Instant Noodles Packaging Machine Work?

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The instant noodle packaging machine works by shrink wrapping. Shrink wrapping means covering the noodle product with a plastic film. These films can be clear or printed. They form a cover around your item that is sealed with heat. The heat is applied around the product through the use of any heat source, which usually includes a heat gun or a heat shrink tunnel. The use of shrink films guarantees a firm finish if the product is well packaged at the beginning.


The working mechanism of the instant noodle packaging machines are classified into four categories:

The first is a transit envelope in which the product is passed through a curtain or sleeve of the film. Once this is done, the edges of the package remain open and must be sealed. For this, special shrinking tunnels are used. However, this method does not create a quality finish and the product has an approximate display. Mainly, polyethylene is used for this purpose due to its low costs.

The "L seal" style is another form of packaging that is used primarily for visualization purposes. A central fold film is used and the product is inserted and sealed and cut into an 'L' shape that seals and cuts both sides. Once the wrapped noodle passes through the heat tunnel, it is hermetically packaged. PVC is used for this purpose since it has a 40% contraction property in the application of heat. Under the 'L' seal, the film is perforated to allow air to escape during the contraction process. In this way, the wrap creates an environment devoid of aroma and bacteria. However, care must be taken when sealing since the spaces are so small that they cannot be seen with the naked eye.

The next system is related to the flow envelope technology, instead of the seal method. Under this system, the film is typically created around a magazine and loaded at regular intervals into the film tube. A seal is created under the package and the ends are sealed. Often used to wrap magazines, this method is done using a shrink tunnel to achieve a snug finish.

Next, the contraction tube of the sleeve or shrinkage label is shown. Below this, the "tube" of the film is dropped onto a bottle before it passes through the contraction tunnel. The tube is pushed down until it fits firmly against the bottle. It works like a decorated label and also acts as a safety device in the place where the lid meets the jar.


Shrink wraps for instant noodle are made using the instant noodle packaging machines that come in various sizes and operate at different speeds. You can opt for low-cost shrink wrapping systems that are manually operated or opt for costly high-speed, fully automatic and integrated systems. The options do not end here as there are built-in binders and chargers for trays built into the shrink wrap. Therefore, you have many options when looking to pack your products. All you need to do is to carefully check all the options before deciding on the one that best suits your needs.