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Functions Of Slitter In Noodles Making Machine

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The best part is that we would manufacture a wide range of noodles in various sizes and forms, which again is greatly facilitated by cutting.

The patterns of the noodles are affected by these variances.

Slitters, which exist in various sizes and forms, are used in the sort of noodle machinery we that is used to make noodles.

Slitter cutters are indeed a collection of rollers with numerous grooves for cutting dough sheets into strings of noodles.

This equipment functions in the same way as a paper shredder.

We can therefore cut single size or shape with the aid of a slitter equipment since these grooves with various width and shape) are installed.

The resulting noodles will differ significantly according on the type of slitter used in slicing the noodles, thus choosing this component is crucial.

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Important Characteristics Of Slitting Machine

Maintains a serene working conditions.

The rotating shaft of both the rollers and slitters are intrinsically linked to drives in hollow cylindrical shafts by using direct drive motor method.

Because no chains are used for drive, operation is noiseless, and torque is not lost.

Minimal Gear Wear

Both the male and female rolls' contacting gears are housed in an enclosed fully lubricated Gear Box.

In Which There's no need to lubricate them since they are enclosed. Furthermore, there's no risk of tooth wear or particle buildup mechanical abrasion of the gears.

Slitters Can be Replaced Easily

Slitters may be easily replaced because of its modular connection system. Oil does not contaminate hands or clothing.

Enhanced Accuracy And Precision

Slitters have incorporated dial gauges which is used to achieve better accuracy when cutting noodles into different shapes.

Dimension Of Slitters

The dimension of slitter cutters does indeed have a standardized numbering convention.

For illustration, suppose we do have No. 20 cutter. This value indicates that a 30mm-wide dough piece may yield 20 strings of noodle.

This number denotes "how many strings of noodles can be gotten from a price of dough having a thickness of 30mm.

Finally, when using a No. 20 cutter, it will cut each noodle strand to a thickness of appropriately 1.5mm (30mm/20 noodle strings).

Having sufficient knowledge about different slitters dimensions is of high importance.  

Hence, you won't be perplexed whenever you encounter various slitter cutter sizes.

Forms Of Cutting Noodles

You have the option of selecting a unique structure or shape in addition to the size of your noodles.

The most common styles are squared, circular, and jagged cut. The strings of noodle are squared when cut or slitted with a square blade, as the term indicates.

 While cutting with a round blade, the cut edges of the noodles appear circular.

Also, when cutting with an artsy shaped slitter, the cut surfaces appear as jagged as if they'd been trimmed with a saw.

Choosing the appropriate slitter will indeed contribute significantly to the quality of the noodle and its texture-holding ability.

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