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Technology Centers & Test Facilities

Shangbaotai Noodles Technology Center.

The Shangbaotai Noodles Technology Center is one of the best-equipped and most renowned development and test center in the field of industrial processing of instant and fresh noodles.
Its extensive, state-of-the-art range of equipment allows commercial- scale simulations of processes such as unloading, conveying, feeding, mixing, rolling, extrusion, frying or steaming, packaging, hydrothermal treatment, and a large number of others. They are available together with the entire extensive know-how of the Shangbaotai technologists for conducting tests and investigations, for example feasibility studies, product development and performance tests.

Extrusion System Innovation Center – Test your materials, develop new products and train your staff

With the success of the first extrusion machine system operation, Shangbaotai created a new extrusion testing workshop in China, which can produce different extrusion products according to the special requirements of customers.
The new extrusion laboratory in Kunshan enables a complete set of extrusion lines from materials to finished products, including feeding, extrusion, wave making, drying/cooling and dispose of packaging. In addition, the capacity of the extruding production system is controlled flexibly (a single machine ranges from 200kg/h to 800kg/h), and product packaging can also be realized. Through close cooperation with other departments of Shangbaotai, extrusion laboratories around the world and knowledgeable technical teams, Kunshan extrusion laboratory can provide you with high-quality services as final product test, new product development and staff training, and this all become your greatest ideal partner:

Final product testing and new product development

You can bring your own materials (from 25kg bags to 500kg bags), or you can buy the materials from Shangbaotai.

Tailor-made personnel technical training for you