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Shangbaotai Helpline

We are available to our customers outside of regular business hours In case of an after hours emergency. In the event of operating issues with process control systems or mechanical equipment, please contact us at our.

Helpline phone number:  : +86-0512 3683 3526

Depending on the specific type of issue, we may assign an automation expert, a service technician, or a spare parts specialist to help you.

In order to offer you the fastest assistance possible, please prepare all of the necessary information concerning your machine or plant. Please note the following information before calling our Helpline:

The Shangbaotai Helpline is primarily designed for handling automation emergencies on machine or plant control systems. However, we will be pleased to accept your regular spare parts orders or the scheduling of dates with one of our service technicians in order to process them on the next business day. During normal working hours, please contact the service of Shangbaotai Kunshan engineer or switchboard before calling the service helpline.

Please note that any immediate emergency support request will be treated with top priority and that fees will apply. On the other hand, the mere acceptance of a concern of yours is free of charge.