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The Difference between Hand-Made Noodles and Machine-Made Noodles

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The machine-made string noodles and the handmade string noodles have distinctive features. in this post, we shall be looking at and analyzing their differences one after the other. Let’s begin!

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Sales outlets:

Machine-made noodles – In the case of the machine-made noodles, they are mostly sold at the supermarkets.

Hand-made noodles – The hand-made noodles are mostly sold by the producers themselves or through groceries.


Machine-made noodles – most people believe that the machine-made noodles are less elastic and it has no salty taste when they are consumed raw.

Hand-made noodles – People generally think that the hand-made noodles tastes more elastic but somehow saltier compared to the machine-made noodles.

Cost and price

Machine-made noodles – As a result of mass production, the cost and price of the machine-made noodles are relatively lower.

Hand-made noodles – in the case of the home-made noodles, the production process takes considerable length of time and effort. This time taken implies a higher cost and price.


Machine-made noodles – with the use of the noodles production line, the string noodles can be mass-produced while retaining the same taste and physical structure.  

Hand-made noodles – The output is small and limited, and it is difficult to achieve the noodles in large quantity or in mass production.


Machine-made noodles – just as the noodle making machines with automated parts and control, it is easier to realize string noodles with the same even color and possibly size.

Hand-made noodles – Due to the fact that they are made with the hand and not with a chinese instant noodles machine, it is difficult to achieve strings with the same color. Due to different exposure to sunshine or baking, the string noodles exhibit different colors, especially those exposed to sunshine.


Machine-made noodles – the thickness and length of each noodles is the same. It is easier to achieve this using the noodle packaging machines.

Hand-made noodles – in the case of the hand-made noodles, each of noodles produced exhibit different physical characteristics as seen in the variation in their thickness and length. You will even realize that throughout its length the same noodles will not be consistent in thickness.


Here, we shall be considering a few advantages of the machine-made noodles and the hand-made noodles while looking at their differences.

Machine-made noodles –

· It is easier to mass produce the machine-made noodles. This is as a result of the automated control and the various parts of noodles making machine.  

· Since large quantities of the noodle strings can be realized in a relatively shorter period, the price of the machine-made noodles is bound to be lower compared to the hand-made noodles.

· It is easier to take over the business so, there is no problem with inheritance.


Hand-made noodles –

· The Handmade noodles are more popular among people.

· Many people admire and enjoy the elastic taste.

· The craft is valuable.