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Development and Usages of Noodle Making Machine in Packaging Industry

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The noodle making machine is a vital equipment in the industrial production of noodles. Basically, it is used in the making of noodles as well as the packing of the final product into the cellophane packs.

noodle making machine

The noodle production process follows a flow.

The flow of the production process on a micro-enterprise / craft scale

The flow of the production process at a general level is presented, referring to the product selected from the line of business and analyzed in more detail in this guide.

However, this may be similar for other products, if the production process is homogeneous, or for variants of it. In this regard, the relevance of each of the planned activities, the nature of the noodles production line and equipment considered, the time and type of operations to be carried out and the different formulations or compositions that each product or variant involves must be evaluated in each case.

Let’s look at the entire process below;

#1 Reception and storage of raw materials

#2  Transport of raw materials to the process area

#3  Preparation of raw materials

The weighing of the aforementioned raw materials is carried out to prepare the filling.

#4  Molding

Here the mass is manually emptied into the tubular cylinders, once filled, a piston is placed which works together with a gear system and with manual gear. This exerts the pressure to slide the piston through the tube and forces the paste through the screw mold that is to form the sheets of the paste by compression. It has a wide slit cut on the surface of the mold 30 cm wide and 2 mm high. The molded noodle in the form of a sheet is placed along with flat tables. Each sheet is cut with molds (which are dies) in the shape of letters. Then, the die-cut shapes obtained are separated and skillfully placed in the drying carts.

Production department proceeds to prepare the storage silos for the reception of Durum. The process of making the dough begins with the pumping of the semolina to a kneading session, in which water is added, and it starts the kneading. Later, the paste is transported by screws without a mold, which gives the pulp. The traction of the pulp is carried out through a mold that gives it a temperature, were based on temperature and humidity it dries, it is possible to obtain the final product. Once the paste is ready, and the list of production lines is ready, it is time to start the packing process.

Drying area


The molded pastes will be left in a place that has to be aerated, with the absence of dust and germs that can affect the product for a time of 24 hrs. Once the pasta is sufficiently dry, it is transported to the packing area.


Transportation to the packaging area.

The product is transported in carts in the form of a tray to the area where the operators proceed to pack the product.



The operators proceed to pack the product in cellophane or plastic bags using the noodle packaging machine which is part of the production line. The bags are filled with 200 gr of the product, which is weighed on a scale. The bag is then sealed at the filling end with a skid sealer, which contains 2 hot steel plates, which are sealed by pressure. The bags are placed in cardboard boxes of 50 or 100 units, once filled, they are sealed with glue or cinnamon tape.