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Do You Know the Production Process of Instant Noodles?

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Many people around the world consume noodles and have their way of making, preparing and eating them, with a fork or with a pair of chopsticks. The type of noodle that has great popularity is one that can be prepared instantly. These noodles are produced from wheat or corn flour. Also each packet of noodles comes with a packet filled with seasonings, spices, and artificial flavorings.

noodles production line

1. A plant consisting of the instant noodles production line can produce instant noodles automatically and hygienically. The methods and machinery used in the manufacture of instant noodles were developed 20 years ago in Taiwan.

2. The flour is sifted and blown through air ducts to the mixer, where it is mixed with the other ingredients for approximately 15 minutes.

3. Flour paste is placed inside a specially designed chamber which uses heat and pressure to automatically convert the dough into the dough.

4. The mass is pressed into sheets by a series of pressure rollers. The dough begins to thin as it passes through each pair of rollers.

5. When the desired thickness has been obtained, the dough sheets are cut into strips or tapes to turn them into noodles. The size and weight of the noodles and, consequently, the production capacity of the plant is determined by the cutter.

6. These semi-formed noodles, before being treated in the vaporizer tunnel, are covered with a paste to enhance the flavor of the final product. The flavor of the noodle is determined by the taste of the pasta produced according to the pre-established formula.

7. Then the noodles are fried to remove moisture. You can use lard, instead of vegetable oil, to reduce the tolerance against the acidification that the formation generates.

8. Before starting to pack in cellophane bags or bags, the noodles are taken to a freezer chamber to allow the oil to saturate, and in this way improve the flavor.

When you talk of the instant noodles production line, it is one that is highly controlled automatically from the feeding of flour to the final products with less manual operation. Operators just need to observe, monitor and adjust the equipment, which saves a lot of work and reduces the cost!

Let’s look at some of the main features of the instant noodles production line thus;

The noodle production line is designed with machine with high precise control system to save labor costs and improve the quality of the final products. The noodle mixer machine is designed with double axes and double speeds for optimum mass mixing effect.

3 a single layer or several layers of steam engine is designed with the original structure, where the temperature is still correct and keeps the degree of noodle sticking higher.


In addition, bowl noodles packing machine line is developed using advanced international technology and excellent workmanship, compact structure and stable performance. It is designed with a high level of automation to facilitate the operation. You can enjoy a low investment and fast performance.