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Design and Analysis of Noodle making machine

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The purpose of the Noodle making machine is to produce noodles efficiently and quickly. This machine keeps the size and length of all noodles same. At present, different types of noodle making machines are available in the market. Different machines have various features which make them stand out. Nonetheless, the working principle of all these machines is similar.


Design and Analysis of Noodle making machine

The noodle making or packing machine has an appealing design. There is a roller mechanism in it which properly stretches the dough. The noodle packing machine also incorporates a punch mechanism. The rollers enable the sheet of the dough to be thin to form thick noodles.

On the other hand, the punch mechanism enables the thin sheet to cut down into the preferred form. For instance, the machine cuts the noodles in the thick and long shape. This equipment is ideal for the production of spaghetti, flat pasta, fettuccine, and lasagna.

In the big noodle making industries, advanced noodles production line is present where the noodles get ready in an efficient manner. The noodles production line is spotless and clean. The noodle making machines do not only prepare the noodles but also pack them up. There is no need to purchase the noodle packing machine.

The Procedure

Making flat pasta or spaghetti with the automatic machine does not require a specific amount of effort. Some workers create the dough by their hands and then put them on the rolling pin. It is important to perform different reiterations in accordance to thin the dough. Without the help of this machine, it is not possible to make noodles properly.

When the noodles cut down properly, then the machine dries them. The conveyor takes these noodles to the packaging area. In the packaging area, the machine properly packs a specific amount of noodles in every pack. After that, it seals these packs one after the other and then sends them for distribution.

The machine is fully automatic, yet the workers can easily adjust the settings according to the type of noodles. The arrangement will be different for different noodle types.

Cleaning Of Machine

When it comes to clean the machine, then there is no issue. It is simple to rinse it with soapy water. There are different parts which the workers can take out and wash up quickly.


The noodle making machine has advanced technological innovation. Due to this reason, it has a lot of benefits. These benefits are as follows:

• It is fully hygienic and healthy

• The high automation is present.

• There is a low defect rate

• The machine has high cutting efficiency

• It is stable, convenient and simple to operate

Last Word

Many noodle making companies are making use of automatic noodle making and packing machine. Still, some companies purchase noodle making machine and noodle packing machine separately as the single automatic machine is expensive. However, the price of each machine is different. Both small and big companies make use of automatic machines in their noodles production line to finish the work efficiently in a short period.