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Most Common Questions about Dry Noodles Machine

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Dry Noodles Machine

For everyone who wishes to open a dough factory and probably wants to acquire some noodles making machine for business, there are some important questions that you are likely going to ask. Let’s look at 10 of them thus;

1. Can you notice any change in taste of the noodle?

Absolutely no! The materials and components of the dry noodles machine comprise of fine metals that are corrosion resistant and good integrity and do not interfere with the taste of the noodle under processing. You can retain the great taste and flavor of your fresh dough. 

2. Will I encounter difficulties using the dry noodles machine for fresh dough? 

Definitely NO. It is easy to use, safe and fast. Machines to make noodles are designed in such a way that it saves you money as you can produce large quantities of fresh dough within the shortest possible time. You can make any size in few minutes. 

3. How many types of noodle can be produced using the dry noodle machine? 

With our dry noodle making machine, it is easier to obtain long and short noodle of different sizes and formats. There are the square shaped, round-shaped and special-cut shaped noodle. 

4. What do I need to make short noodle? 

It is easier to make short noodle. All you need to do is to make use of the dry noodles making machine with integrated cutting unit with adjustable speed. With such, it is easier to obtain any preferred length of noodle. 

5. Which machine should I use to make pastry and how long should it be? 

Our dough machine is very simple to use and can be adjusted to make different thickness of noodle. There are the 280 millimeters and more and the vermicelli could reach 110 millimeters.

6. Does the dry noodle look aesthetic? 

The dry noodles machine makes products with defined edges, shape, size and width. It is necessary to make the surface smooth and tough by lamination, and the taste is also al dente.

7. What does it take to maintain the dry noodle machine?

The dry noodles making machine industries have seen great innovation. This has made it easier to design machines with components that are easier to clean and moving parts that are easier to maintain. 

8. What kind maintenance is required for the dry noodles machine? 

There are special maintenance requirements for the machine even if you use it every day. All you need is to carry out routine cleaning exercise and that would be all. And we use lubricate power components and bearings.

9. Which dry noodles machine to choose?

When making your choice of a dry noodles making machine, you need to consider factors such as the size of your production, the model, the efficiency of your production needs and the storage space in your plant. 

10. Once I buy the dry noodle machines, how do I learn how to use them? 

Just like every machine, machines for making dry noodles come with their manuals for use. It contains info on the machinery and how to use them. However, it easy and simple to operate.