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How to choose high quality industrial noodle machine

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Can you imagine being able to make your own noodles from scratch? Or do you want to open a fresh noodles factory? It is undoubtedly a great initiative if you offer a good and tasty product like home made. You can do it! Now it is much simpler, you just have to make the dough and buy one of the best noodle making machines. With these two things you can enjoy the fresh dough with a great flavor. You will notice the difference right away!

Also used to make rice, wheat and other types of noodles, industrial noodle machines are in high demand by customers. The best of all? There are machines for making industrial noodles with prices available for customers with different specifications, tastes and needs.

In shangbaotai, there are experts specialized in the manufacture and supply of industrial machines and processors for making noodles. These noodles are manufactured according to industry and market standards. Their machines are widely recognized and valued for their fine finish and long service life.

Let’s look at some of the many advantages thus;

noodle making machine

Main advantages:

- They became the best cost-benefit ratio.

- They have a longer life.

- They are built in galvanized iron and stainless steel that guarantee a service without efficient and without inconveniences.

- They are resistant to abrasion and wear.

- They require less maintenance.

- These industrial machines are easy to install.

Kneader Vs Laminator

As a general rule, a traditional noodle making machine is used to press, laminate and cut the finished dough to the desired shape. However, there are some industrial machines for making noodles that also fulfill the function of kneading and are 100% automatic. Such machines greatly save you the laborious work of "kneading". You just have to enter the ingredients in the machine and it is responsible for kneading and pressing the rollers or the die in the desired way. That easy!

There are two great types, but which one should you choose?

Let’s get started!

noodle making machine

Laminator: The noodle laminator has been designed to achieve the desired thickness of the noodle sheet, thus solving the drawbacks in small and medium scale production. In the noodle production line factory, this machine is very practical and versatile, since thanks to the thickness regulator you can obtain several thicknesses of paste. Fully automatic, it is ideal for the production of any type of noodles,vermicelli, fine noodles and wide noodles. It also has programmable speeds from the beginning and throughout the process.

Kneader: On an industrial level, the kneaders become really necessary machines to be able to make doughs in large quantities and, above all, for slightly harder doughs. They are versatile machines, very powerful and reliable, ideal for making complete dry noodles, to be included in automatic lines for the production of various formats of dry, short or long noodle and have a capacity of up to 200 Kgs. In shangbaotai, they have great variety of mixers for professional use, with the aim of improving day to day business and achieving better results.


Do you already know which one best suits your needs? If your answer is yes, then request a personalized quote with companies like shangbaotai with extensive experience and expertise in the field.

noodle making machine