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How are instant noodles manufactured?

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Many people around the world eat noodles and have their own way of making, preparing, and eating them, either with a fork or a pair of chopsticks. The type of noodle that is most popular is one that can be made instantly. They are made from corn or wheat flour. In addition, each noodle packet comes with a packet filled with seasonings, spices and artificial flavors, and the plant is capable of producing instant noodles hygienically and automatically. 

instant noodle production equipment

The methods and machinery used in manufacturing instant noodles were developed over two decades in Taiwan. Today, there is a wide range of instant noodle production equipment in the global market. 

The plant can be installed and operated at a relatively low cost, since few pieces of semi-automatic equipment need to be purchased and unskilled workers are capable of handling this machinery. 

The production plant described here is one of several types of fast food plants made for various types of pasta. Some investors may study each of the other plants to determine which plant(s) they would like to establish for a better investment.


Process description. 

1. Each of the ingredients is weighed exactly before being mixed. 

2. The flour is sifted and blown through air ducts into the mixer, where it is mixed with the other ingredients for approximately 15 minutes. 

3. The flour paste is placed inside a chamber which is specially designed to automatically convert the paste into dough using pressure and heat.. 

4. With the use of a series of pressure rollers the dough is pressed into sheets. And as the dough passes through each pair of rollers it begins to thin.

5. The dough sheets are cut into strips or ribbons to become noodles as soon as the desired thickness has been obtained. The size and weight of the noodles and, consequently, the production capacity of the plant is determined by the cutter. 

6. These semi-formed noodles are covered with a paste before being treated in the steam tunnel. This is done to enhance the taste of the final product. The taste of the noodle is determined by the taste of the pasta produced according to the pre-set formula 

7. The noodles are then fried to remove the moisture. Lard can be used instead of vegetable oil to decrease the tolerance against acidification caused by the formation. 

8. Before starting to pack in cellophane pots or bags, the noodles are taken to a freezing chamber to allow the oil to saturate, thus improving the flavor.


Dehydrated vegetables.

Monosodium glutamate.



Vegetable oil.

Red pepper extract.


Packing machine. 

Cooling conveyor. 


Condiment applicator. 

Cutting machine. 


Laminating and rolling machine. 


Silo (self-feeding) 

Energy saving, water saving, steam saving...


Noodle pot feeder.

Packing machine.



Frying system.

Seasoning device.

Semi-molded cutting machine.


Rolling machine.


There are different kinds and models of instant noodle production line for sale in the global market today. However, it is important to liaise with reputable manufacturers to provide you with top quality equipment to serve your production needs. Factors to consider when choosing an instant noodle production equipment include efficiency, ease of maintenance, storage or installation space and more. 

The instant noodle production line price vary, but it is essential to get a quote from a reputable manufacturer to enable you make your budget. 

With the growing need for more efficiency in production, noodle production line manufacturers are poised with the responsibility of developing more innovative machines to take care of such demand.