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An Overview of Fresh Noodle Production

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Fresh Noodles (or semi-dried noodles) are made from a simple unleavened dough of wheat flour or the refined starches of several plant species. 

This includes sweet potato, rice, mung bean, potato, corn, pea, mixed with water, and eggs.

The process of fresh noodle production is done using a fresh noodle production line which is an advanced noodle processing machine that uses photoelectric control and vacuum dough mixing technology. 

In general terms, a fresh noodle production line is the machinery arrangement for the sequential operations and production of fresh noodles from dough to noodles.

All the working procedures of fresh noodle production can be automated using the fresh noodle production line.

The production line comprises an automatic control system, a belt aging machine (also known as a disk dough aging machine). 

Also, in the machine is a continuous rolling sheeter, a compound rolling sheeter, and a vacuum dough mixer. 

If a fresh noodle production line is purchased from the best manufacturer, all the parts listed above should be made of stainless steel and food-grade material all in conformity to food safety standards. 

This is why it is highly essential to purchase the production line from the most professional manufacturer.

The fresh noodle making process flow 

Mixing the water- mixing the flour- aging the dough - pressing the dough- cut into strips- conveying.

1.Mixing the water

2.Mixing the Flour

3.Aging the dough

4.Pressing and thinning the dough

5.Cutting into strips



Fresh noodles are mostly cooked by boiling and usually served with special sauces or sometimes formed and stuffed into ravioli or tortellini. 


The final quality and taste of fresh noodles are as excellent as the production process. 

A good quality fresh noodles production line makes the noodle production very easy whilst ensuring the final product is excellent. 

Remember that to achieve all these, purchasing the machine line from the most reliable manufacturer is one of the most important things to do.