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How to Choose Fresh Noodles Making Machine

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For fresh pasta and cut as you please, you need a noodle making machine. Accessory become essential in many kitchens, it allows you to make spaghetti, tagliatelle, ravioli or other delicious dishes based on pasta. Several models of pasta machines are available on the market. In order to choose the best, you must know the basics of its use, but also its accessories, which is why we put this guide at your disposal.

fresh noodles making machine

Why use a fresh noodle making machine?

Opting for a fresh noodle making machine confers many undeniable advantages. Not only will you quickly make your pasta at home, but you'll get it in good quality. A dough machine:

The different types of pasta machines

Among the models available on the market, you will see two major categories that are manual and electric pasta machines.

The manual pasta machines

They can be manipulated with the hand. To have some pasta that you want, you must make patterns, knead the dough and then cut. The machine serves mainly to flatten it and you will need some accessories to cut the dough according to your needs.

Electric pasta machines

As the name implies, these machines work with one motor. The advantage here is that you will not have to do any physical work to mix, bun and cut pasta. You only need to insert the pasta pattern for the machine to do the work. Electric pasta machines exist in different capacities for professional or domestic use. You will see several awards, among which we will have to make an efficient choice.


How to choose a fresh noodle making machine

When acquiring your dough machine, you will have the choice between several electric or manual models. To take full advantage, you must pay attention to the accessories, the material, the instructions and the maintenance method.


The accessories of the pasta machines: they are delivered with the machine, but not in the same quantity for all the models. The basic accessories are the crank, the vise, the dryer, the rolling mill, the cutting wheels and the molds. In order to vary the pleasure of pasta, you will need spaghetti cutting accessories, Angelo capelli, tagliatelle, ravioli maker and others. When buying your pasta machine, choose models with the most accessories. If not, you could always buy them to complete them.


The material:

It is important to the extent that the quality of the machine depends on it. Stainless steel is a good material for pasta machines. It gives them a certain solidity and a fairly elegant design for your kitchen. It is the same for chromed steel or aluminum. Only rust is a risk if you do not maintain them properly. Besides, you will see plastic pasta machines on the market. Although fragile, they will not rust over time. By buying your machine, choose the one with an excellent quality / price ratio.



The maintenance of a dough machine is not complicated, although the mode depends on the material and the composition of the machine. For some of them, you will need to let the dough dry before removing residues with a brush, while for others, you will only have to put them in the dishwasher. In either case, a removable machine will be highly beneficial.


The capacity and the dimensions: 

The use you intend to make of your machine must guide you to an appropriate choice. For home use, a medium sized machine should satisfy you.