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How Are The Dry Noodles Made?

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The instant noodle production line has perfect technology, compact structure, original design, and stable representation, is developed on the basis of world market conditions. It achieves high automation, convenient operation, low energy, and small floor area, but ensures all working methods from flour feed to finished products can be accomplished once.


How are the Dry Noodles Made?

The pasta is made from two different flours. The flour ground stone is very rich in fiber because it retains a bit of sound, residue of the milling. It is therefore particularly digestible and has an authentic taste. The other flour, finer, is ground by a small local flour mill and gives a lighter and refined golden dough.

Natural Storage

Our harvest is stored in big-bags in a cold room between 5 ° and 7 ° degree, for perfect and natural conservation of our grains, safe from any attack of insects (grain weevil) and other rodents. It is the same for flours until the manufacture of pasta.



The pasta is dried at a low temperature of less than 50 ° and controlled hygrometry over relatively long programs between 15 hours and 19 hours depending on the form because slow drying is a guarantee of quality.

Noodle Production lines

Production lines are at the heart of any pasta production plant. Several food manufacturing industries offer all kinds of dry noodles production lines in all capacity ranges, new or used or a combination of both. We gladly inform you about the available lines and advise you, from the evaluation to the realization of your project.

The capacity of a line can vary from 100 to 200 kg / h only, a range of capacities used especially in laboratories, at astronomical rates of the order of 9 000 kg / h for the production of short pasta and 5 000 kg / h for the production of long pasta.

Small production capacities are generally used in manual production facilities.

Pasta press - shaking pre-dryer possibly used as combination dryer for pre-drying spaghetti - static dryer or under certain conditions, semi-automatic lines.

Pasta press - shaking pre-dryer - semi-automatic belt dryer for pre-drying and final drying.

When using static dryers, it is also possible to combine the production of short pasta and long pasta in the same press.

High capacities of over 500 kg / h are achieved only on fully automatic continuous lines.

Short pasta lines

  • Pasta press

  • Possibly with cutting machine

  • Shaking Presence

  • Bucket elevator

  • Drum dryer for pre-drying and final drying

  • Strip dryer for pre-drying and final drying

  • Cooler

Long pasta lines

  • Pasta press

  • Etendeuse

  • Dryer with different climate zones

  • Cooler

  • Storer

  • Cutter

  • Carrier back canes

  • Floating pasta lines and nests/lasagne

Pasta press

  • Floating pasta machine and nests

  • Lasagna machine

  • Tray dryer

  • Cooler

  • Turret tipping station

  • Transport system back to turrets