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Development and production of noodles

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The  noodle  is a set of  foods  prepared with a  mass  whose basic ingredient is  flour , mixed with water, salt,  egg  or other ingredients, forming a product which is cooked in boiling water. Although any flour is used for this purpose, most Western recipes follow the Italian traditional use of wheat.

 bowl noodles packing machine

Brief history

There are many theories that have been developed around the origin of noodle. Some researchers attributed the discovery to Marco Polo in the thirteenth century, who introduced it to Italy back from one of his trips to China in 1271. However more recent research confirms that the oldest references to "noodle" (such as we know it today) in Italy date from the year 1152. In chapter CLXXI of Marco Polo's Travels, reference is made to noodle in China.

For others it goes back much further, to ancient civilizations Etruscans, who made it by crushing various cereals and grains mixed with water, which then cooked and resulted in a tasty and nutritious food.

Raw material

The instant noodles processing begins with the reception of raw material. The Quality Assurance Department is responsible for carrying out the analysis of the raw material (technical specifications of moisture, granulometry and bran points), before entering the storage silos. This department has an advanced Laboratory which daily executes quality systems and applies them to the different pulp processes.

Once the raw material has been analyzed and approved by the Quality Assurance Department, the Production Department prepares the storage silos for the reception of Semolina Durum.

The process of making the dough begins with the pumping of the semolina into a kneading session, in which water is added and kneading is started.

Later the noodle is transported by endless screws to a mold, which gives the shape to the noodle.

The extraction of the paste is done through a mold that gives shape, where based on temperature and humidity dries, to obtain a maximum of 12.90% in the final product.

Once the paste is ready and the bowl noodles packing machine is ready, its packaging begins. Currently our installed capacity is 6500 kilos / hour.

It is packaged in automatic high-speed machines.



The noodles making machine comprises of different equipment used in the production process. One of them is the Mechanical kneading machines for making noodle. There is also the Extruder heads for the production of noodle.

Others include

  • Bending machines for noodle  

  • Metering and control equipment for noodle during production  

  • Extruders for the preparation of noodle  

  • Complete facilities for preparing pre-cooked noodle  

  • Rolling mills for making noodle  

  • Washing machines for noodle molds  

  • Washing machines for noodle extruders  

  • Noodle rolling machines  


The noodle production line comprises of the laminator which is the core of Modula and produces a sheet of noodle that can be used to feed the other components of the machine or for other purposes, such as the preparation of lasagna. The innovative caliper roller protection mechanism guarantees maximum safety and simplifies its use. The materials used are stainless steel or other suitable for food machinery.

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