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How is Maggi Manufactured in the Factory?

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Maggi noodles are one of the famous noodles brands in the world. They are prepared in the same way as people prepare bread. The ingredients required in the production of these noodles include monosodium glutamate, palm oil, flour, sugar, salt, and seasoning. However, it is manufactured in the factory on a large scale. Due to this reason, a Noodle Making Machine is needed. If you want to know that “How is Maggi manufactured in the factory” then no problem! We have mentioned below the steps in which the noodle making machine prepares these noodles. Have a look:

noodle making machine

1.    Feeder System

The machine has a feeder system. It utilizes a vacuum distributor through which the flour is moved to the mixer.

2.    Mixing

There is a motor drive gear present in this machine. It moves the campaigner tube to prepare the dough. Water is mixed properly with the flour with the help of the mixer. When the dough is ready than the motor moves the roller to drive the belt. After that, the dough is shifted to the belt. Next, the mixer spreads the dough evenly into the compounding part of the machine.

3.    Compound Process

With the help of the dough distributor, the dough is transferred to the compounding part of the bowl noodles packing machine. First of all, it presses the dough properly. After that, it separates the dough into two pieces. The compounding process is imperative to enhance the flavor and taste of the noodles.

4.    Slitting

When the compounding process ends then the dough is moved to the slitter of the noodles cutting machine. There is a rotating cutter in the slitter which cuts down the dough sheet properly.

5.    Steaming

There is a multilayer steam box embedded in the machine. It is quite useful as in the box; the noodles are steamed for one to five minutes at 100-degree centigrade. With the help of steam, the starch present in the noodles becomes digestible.

6.    Cutting

After the process of steaming, the noodles are cut into the required shape and length. The compressed air is blown on the noodles to shape them up appropriately.

7.    Frying Process

The perfectly shaped noodles are dewatered at the temperature of 140-degree centigrade. For that reason, the moisture content is condensed to 4-6 percent. Also, the starch is more gelatinized.

8.    Cooling & Packaging Process

In the end, the Noodle Making Machine blows cool air on the noodles. Afterward, they are properly sealed efficiently. The conveyor belt of the machine then sends these sealed noodles to the packaging area. In this area, the noodles are packed up in the packets.

Last Word

From the above explanation, you can easily come to know that chinese instant noodles machine are completely prepared in the Noodle Making Machine. The machine is quite big, and it has many parts. Each part plays an important role in the making of Maggi noodles. The workers just need to add the ingredients in this automatic machine and leave the rest on it. With the help of this single machine, the Maggi noodles are manufactured in the factory.