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Steps to Produce Butterfly Noodles Using A Noodle Making Machine

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Name for this noodle:

Butterfly noodles or known as Farfalle is a type of pasta/noodles. The name is the Italian word "farfalle" known as butterflies. So now you know why these noodles are called butterfly noodles.


Well, we just got to know the meaning of butterfly noodles let' s talk dig deep into the making of these noodles.


We are going to discuss the making of these noodles on the industrial scale. You can use the same processing method to make them at home. The quantity of the product will be different but the end product will be the same.


Processing the mixture:

The first step is to process pasta. In pasta processing, the wheat semolina or flour is blended with water and the mix is removed to a particular shape. The amount needs to be mixing of wheat semolina and water is by the ratio of 3:1. The water needs to be pure, acceptable for drinking having a temperature of 35-45 Celcius. The temperature helps to speed up the absorption process. Eggs can be added to increase the nourishment and richness of the pasta.


In order to create the crumbly dough, the amount of water and semolina are mixed together in pre-mixer. The old type of mixer was a cylinder-shaped mixer that includes blades for rotational purposes. Nowadays, the industries use high-speed pre-mixer so that each semolina particle could absorb the right amount of water.


Final mixer:

The next step is to go through the process of the final mixer. The final mixer is made of stainless steel shafts and blades. The shafts run at a slow speed to make sure that the raw ingredients are perfectly made into dough. Today, some noodle-making industries use atmospheric pressure some use vacuum to operate.




Extrusion is the process of twisting and forming in the meantime and in a matter of a couple of minutes. The temperature of the dough should remain between 40 - 45 C. If the temperature increases, the gluten will be damaged creating the bad quality of pasta. Since the extrusion is a fast process, the process includes pressure and friction, extra heat is generated. Long jackets of water are circulated to keep the temperature normal. The cylinder in the extrusion chamber also includes an air vacuum chamber to remove the air bubbles. If the bubbles remain in the dough, it will decrease the strength of pasta causing it to break down after a few hours when they are dry.



Forming is when the butterfly noodle gets its shape. Generally, the pasta is categorized into two groups: Large pasta and small pasta. Circular dies with rotating blades are used to make short noodles.


Drying process:

The drying process of long noodle is different and small noodle is different. We will take about the butterfly noodle. Short pasta pieces fall on the shaker belt and powerful hot air is blown to it immediately after extrusion. This removes the moisturizing and prevents the small pieces from sticking.


Packing the product:

The last process is the packing process. Butterfly noodles are small noodles so they are packed using the vertical cartoning machine.


That' s all in the making of butterfly noodles. 

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