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Cotinuous Mixer

Material: Stainless steel

  • LX-2500
  • Shangbaotai
  • 843810009

Product Description

Cotinuous  Flour Powder Mixer

  • Low energy consumption, total power is 20kw (single horizontal mixer is 37kw);

  • Water supplying increases 2%~3%;

  • Water and flour mixing is continuous and uniform;

  • Higher degree of automation to achieve labor-saving and less hand operation.


①Continuous and quantitative flour supply

②Spiral flour supply 


③Premixing mechanism④Continuous water jeting and mixing system⑤Vaned spiral aging and feeding device

Technical Parameter


Output 2500kg/h Voltage 3phase 380V 50Hz
Total power 30KW Automatic grade Automatic


连续1-2_看图王.jpg 连续1-3_看图王.jpg

Premixing mechanism can mix raw materials much uniformly.

High-speed jetting mixer can mix flour and water efficiently and make moisture more uniform.

The kneader changes dough into gluten to become aging, and gluten can also be continuously discharged.

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