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The Unknown Facts of Making Noodles

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It is a fact that the origin of noodles is in China, where it is a staple food. However, during the recent past, the dish crosses the boundaries and is among the most-sought-after food in many countries. The long strings of noodles are a symbolism of longevity and perhaps, that is the reason it finds its place in almost every birthday party and other events in China.


Whether you prefer long, short, or even ribbon to thread-like noodles made by noodles making machines, you can prepare them in different methods. Broadly, they can be classified into:

o   Cut Noodles

o   Dried Noodles

o   Instant Noodles

Regardless of the method, the noodles taste better when served either warm or cold. The culinary value increases when you combine with fried bean sauce or the port and chicken sauce. You can also dress them up with chilly-oil or duck chops if these enhanced your taste quotient.

The instant noodles as the name suggest is a pre-cooked and dried variety, marketed through a neatly packed material. All that you need to do is to simply soak the noodles in boiling water for a few minutes. Because of its simple preparation for a quick meal, the instant noodles also have become very popular.

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Art of Hand-pulled Variety

Though the instant noodles might be popular in other countries, the hand-pulled noodles are still a prerogative profession among the Chinese people. The art of preparing these noodles requires a lot of skill in stretching the hands and shaking gently while moving up and down for about half a dozen times. The art lies in dropping the middle portion of the paste making it twist around. This process requires repetition until the optimum firmness is experienced.

The paste is then put before the work board to pull the paste long enough to become thinner and thinner to the desired level of fine noodles of your choice.

It might be a surprise for you to hear that the Dragon Noodles is one of the finest arts to prepare very thin strings of noodles. You can make noodles nearly two kilometers cut into 144,000 strings with a length of 17 cm with a dough of about 1.5 kg wheat flour.

There is no exaggeration to say that the hand-pulled noodle is a magical dexterity, and it is not everyone’s specialization.

No doubt, the staple food of Chinese people has invaded at the global level and has been a popular dish among many inhabitants. If you really need to enjoy the delicacy, you should taste in a Chinese restaurant and find out the difference between other varieties and the noodles from a professional hand.