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The 19th China Instant Food Conference Was Hold in Beijing

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As an important field of the food industry, it is convenient for the food industry to effectively integrate food technology innovation with industrial reforms. From September 11th to 12th, the 19th China Instant Food Conference was held in Beijing. Since being held in 1995, the China Instant Food Conference has become a high ground for innovation and development in the convenience food industry. According to reports, the total number of innovative products received by companies from the conference this year increased by 8.4% over last year, showing the acceleration and diversified development of the entire convenience food industry.

 The 19th China Instant Food Conference

Transformation and value enhancement achieve staged results

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology supports and guides most instant food companies to carry out work in the areas of building integrity systems, improving quality and safety assurance capabilities, and developing and producing innovative varieties. It has played a positive role in advancing industrial structure adjustment and transformation and upgrading, and promoting high-quality industrial development. In recent years, under the effective guidance of the Chinese Food Science and Technology Society, through "increasing variety, improving quality, creating brands", to promote the industry to achieve high-quality development.


Instant noodle industry:

Industrialization of regional traditional flavor products accelerates

According to the statistics of 22 major instant noodle companies by the Chinese Food Science and Technology Society, in 2018, instant noodle sales were 51.5 billion yuan, which has an increase of 3.3% year-on-year; the output was 34.44 billion, which has an increase of 0.73% year-on-year. The differentiated product innovations of large enterprises have exerted their strength on the health and nutrition of the products from the middle and high price points. The high-end side has been enriched by competition, the cost performance has been improved and the market has responded well. Product innovation including medium-sized enterprises has become more active.


Noodle industry:

Market gathers for high-quality companies

The trend of noodle noodles industry to gather high-quality companies is more distinct. The industry's concentration has increased, brand companies' market share has accelerated and competition in the noodle industry is at a high end. The independent research and development and production of Chinese noodle equipment have reached the international advanced level, which puts forward higher requirements in noodle production line manufacturers. It has successfully cracked the fully automatic process from wheat storage to product delivery and has continuously achieved breakthroughs in energy conservation, consumption reduction and intelligence.


Frozen food industry:

A breakthrough in docking with the catering industry

Statistics from the Chinese Society of Food Science and Technology show that high-end and convenience in the innovation category of the frozen food industry are becoming hot spots. The overall efficiency and level of the industry has also increased rapidly, becoming the fastest growing branch of instant food. The quick-frozen food industry follows the trend of "Healthy China" and has increased value in the precision development of traditional products. In meeting and adapting to the personalized needs of the catering industry, it has found a market breakthrough and an important breakthrough in docking with the catering industry.


Salty flavor seasoning industry:

Raw material naturalization trend formed

Taste is the soul of food and it is also one of the important factors necessary for the convenient development of the food industry. The industry has made efforts in two directions: "application innovation" and "supporting application innovation with basic research." Application innovation means innovation from the customer's scientific and technological research and development for the future market has also begun, which is focusing on the research of plant-based food (vegetarian) and artificial meat.



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