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Shangbaotai Won the Excellent Supplier Innovation Award in September

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Good news! In the early of September 2018, we won the Excellent Supplier Innovation Award of China Instant Noodle Industry in 2018. 

The certificate of the award

The following information of the machine wining the prize will be introduced:

Product name: High-speed automatic carton packing machine

Company: Shangbaotai Technology Machinery Co., Ltd.


High-speed automatic carton packing machine

  1. This product has been patented with patent numbers: ZL201710269721.6, ZL201710269738.1, ZL201710269743.2.

  2. Large production capacity: 17 gap actions per minute, 4 rows per action, and 12 bowls per row. So the total bowls per minute are 816 bowls (17*4*12). The maximum of production capacity can be up to 880 bowls.

  3. Institutional innovation: Break the traditional design thinking way,and apply double-deck noodle-supplying system to delay the sealing time. For attracting bowls, the machine applies to double groups of attracting bowls, and puting bowls down uses the mechanism of double groups and double rotating drums. 4 rows*12 bowls equals to 48 bowls per action. Moreover, Both double-group and double-row mechanisms are applied to cap-attracting, cap-sealing, bad data inspection, and discharging.

    High-speed automatic carton packing machine

  4. The whole equipment adopts mechanical cam and splitter transmission mode, running stable. Bearings centralize lubrication oil injection system, convenient for maintenance and food safety.

  5. PLC control technology with advance pneumatic drive technology, coupled with stable and reliable mechanical transmission, greatly reduces the cost of equipment maintenance. All the components are supplied by international famous brands, including electrical components, motors, reducers, PLC, proximity sensors, touch screens, optoelectronic eye controllers, etc; all the pneumatic elements, solenoid valves, transmission chains and other products are manufactured by world famous factories, so that the quipment will be efficient, stable and reliable in the long term.

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