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Matters Need Attention For Noodle Making Machine Usage

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Whether you own a restaurant or a food workshop, there are greater chances that you have a noodle making machine. When was the last time you cleaned it? Was it a week ago? Chances are you haven’t done it after the purchase. Well, follow this post and learn more about matters that need attention for any noodle making machine usage.  

Noodle making machines are strongly assembled yet delicate with functioning. If one does not use it properly according to the instructions, it can break or require repairing soon. 


Therefore, always handle your noodle making a machine with care. To add some extra convenience for you, we have some tips and tricks that will help you maintain your noodle making a machine for a longer period of time.

Cleaning Your Noodle Making Machine is A Necessity!

Many people avoid noodle making machine because they often lose efficiency after a certain period. However, it is just due to a lack of maintenance. Maintaining a noodle making machine isn’t difficult at all. All you need is to follow some basic rules. So, rule no 1, clean your machine on regular basis. You can either do it daily or weekly depending upon the usage. The noodle machine is assembled with small parts and dust particles easily settle down in those which upsets the performance of your machine.

Secondly, the dough also gets stuck in the roller and the blades - no matter how smooth your material was. Therefore, cleaning it every time is a must.

Disassemble while You are Cleaning Your Machine

Here is the thing, dissemble the main parts to thoroughly clean the machine and it will make it as good as new. Make sure you read the manual carefully before touching the parts. Once you start doing it it will become easy. After a few attempts, you will become expert and cleaning will become easy for you.

Things You Should Avoid Doing

After cleaning sessions, there are a few things which you must completely avoid with your noodle making machine. First things first, do not use water to clean your noodle making machine, ever! Use a clean piece of cloth. If you wash the machine with water, the machine will become rusty.  

Also, when you are trying to assemble or de-assemble your machine, do not try to force anything in or out. Especially, be extra careful with the blades. Because nothing is harder than taking out the jammed blades of a noodle making machine.

Handling The Noodle Making Machine  

When You are using your machine, do not put it on an unstable slab. Also, make sure not to drop the machine or hit with any harder surface; otherwise, you may end up breaking some part of it.

Noodle making machines are fun to cook with, they just need better maintenance! In case of further questions, feel free to leave a reply below.