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Where to Get Professional Noodles Making Machine

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There are different brands and models of professional noodle making machines in the market. Here we provide a brief description of some of the popular noodle making machines and where you can buy them.

Fried Instant noodle production line

This is made with advanced technology and developed on the basis of the requirements for high-quality products in the world market. It has a very large capacity that ranges from 10000pic/8h to 300000pics/8h.

The fried instant noodle production line machine has a compact structure with stable performance. It uses straight lines into the fryer without dividing in a row after cutting and it improves the boxing precision. It achieves the perfect combination of both mechanical and electrical integration.

Some technical parameters of fried instant noodle making machine

•    Cutting speed = 60 cuts/min

•    Cuts noodles in square

•    9 pairs of roller

•    Dough mixing time is about 17 minutes

•    Steam consumption and pressure = 3000kg/h and 0.8 Mpa

Non- fried instant noodle production line

The whole production line agrees to a variety of advanced technologies. It is carefully designed and achieves the perfect combination of both electrical and mechanical integration. It is a relatively advanced non-fried instant noodle production line. Non-fried instant noodles have square and circular shapes.

Fresh noodle production line

The fresh noodle production line is advanced noodle processing machinery that uses the technology of vacuum dough mixing and photoelectric control. The whole machinery comprises of vacuum dough mixer, belt aging machine and automatic control system. All parts of the machine that is in contact with processed material are made with stainless steel and food-grade materials in accordance with food safety standards.

Boiled noodle production machine

There are two kinds of boiled noodles making the machine. The first kind allows the noodles to run through hot water before the subsequent production flow chart. And the other kind allows the noodles to run through the steamer, followed by the other stages in the production line.

Where to buy professional noodles making machines?

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