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Three tips to help spot Halal Korean instant noodles

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Due to the continuous growth of Korean pop culture which brought various kinds of music, TV series, trending fashion as well as makeup to the audiences, Korean cuisine is becoming very popular around the world, including the packaged food product.

Various scenes in Korean drama programs where the characters enjoy a bowl of noodles have inspired some of the viewers to replicate the same but it is crucial for them to be sure the food is halal so as to consume it with assurance.

On the social media, the “Samyang Challenge” trend quickly took hold and this saw people devouring the South Korean spicy “fire noodles” as fast as they could. The Food and Drug Monitoring Agency (BPOM) have recently announced that lots of Korean instant noodles contained pork without displaying a clear label, despite the 2016 regulation which stipulate the requirement.

The agency has subsequently revoked the distribution license of four instant noodles products because they failed to abide by the rules and regulation. This shows that the agency is working effortlessly so as to ensure everyone have access of halal Korean instant noodles. However, it is crucial for everyone to know how to identify halal Koreaninstant noodles whenever they want to make their purchase and we would address that in this content. Below are the three tips which would allow you spot halal Korean food:

Spot the halal logo


Spotting the halal logo is one of the major ways through which you can recognize the halal product. Several products are clearly labelled halal by displaying a logo depicting a green and white image of a mosque and the word “HALAL.” Several products have the halal and non-halal version, however, products which do not have the halal logo are presumed to be haram, according to several people who consume and also import Korean products.

Read the food label

Learning some of the written words may be essential so as to know the composition of the food you want to purchase. This is because this may not be translated into English or local language in most cases and this can pose a big threat to the consumer. Some words which should be avoided include 돼지 고기 (dwaeji gogi) which means pork and 술 (sul) [which means] alcohol because such are considered as haram.

In addition to the alcohol and pork which are considered to be haram, ensure there is no 돈지 (donji), or lard, written on the back of the packaging. This is because some dessert products may contain gelatin which is produced from pig parts.

Use technological aid

There is an application which is called Halal Korea which is available on both Android and iOS devices. This application helps to ensure the food purchased is halal and can be used by scanning the barcode of any food product. Users can choose from the different filters to be detected, including halal Certification, artificial ingredients, alcohol, pork and pork derivatives.

This scan would give a green display whenever the ingredients are safe to eat and red when there is any undesirable ingredient. This application would also notify you if the food is produced in a factory where other food products which are not halal are also produced, this could also lead to undesirable traces.

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