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Noodle Processing Cutting Machine Manufacturing Method

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The instant noodles market is growing at a rapid pace at the moment, and it' s great how people all around the world love noodles. From kids to teenagers to adults and older people, instant noodles are just everyone' s favourite and well it' s all quite justified because first of all, it' s easy to make these noodles and secondly, they taste really good.


Speaking of instant noodles, if you are someone who wants to start a business of his own and if you want to know about the manufacturing process of instant noodles then stick with us till the end of this article because today we are going to explain it all to you. For starters, this business can bring you a lot of profit because of the high demand so if you are thinking about working on this project then know that' s it' s a  wise step that you are taking, and you won' t be disappointed with the results.


Things You Need


It is but very obvious that the first thing you need is a noodle manufacturing machine and a noodle cutter machine. Don' t worry because you can easily afford these machines and for more insight, you can check the noodles making machine price on the internet, and you' ll know that you don' t have to break a bank to buy it.  


Thanks to the technology that we now even have different noodle making machines too, so just do some proper research and then buy it accordingly. Search for automatic noodles making machine price on the internet and then compare the prices and buy the one that' s affordable for you. 

noodle making machine

The Process Of Instant Noodles


There are several steps involved when it comes to manufacturing noodles. Here' s what you need to know about each step;



The machine stirs up the water with the wheat flour at a particular temperature, and then the flour is kneaded for about 20 to 25 minutes. This process helps in increasing the elasticity of the noodles.


Compounding Machine

The next part is where the dough is passed through two different rotating rollers. The basic purpose of this process is to distribute all the ingredients equally, and then the dough is put aside for a specific time of period to mature.


As the name implies, this is the step in which the noodle dough is split into thin noodles and then pressed up against a little for the waves as you notice that mostly instant noodles are wavy.



To pregelatinize the starch, the noodles are steamed for about 1 to 5 minutes.


Dipping Bath

The noodles are then dipped in a seasoning.  



This is the part where the noodles are cut into different shapes (round or square). 

These are the main steps involved in manufacturing instant noodles. After the feeder, the noodles are then dehydrated, and then they are put into a freezer for some cold air. The process is pretty simple and easy, and as said earlier, all you need is a good noodle manufacturing machine, and the rest will work smoothly for you. 

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