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Top 5 Tips about Choosing A Fresh Noodles Production Line

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The noodle making machine is a device for extruding flour into relative noodles with the necessary tenacity and humidity through the relative rotation of the surface roller. The noodle making machines can be divided into simple type noodle machine, automatic picking noodles forming noodle machine, assembly line noodle machine, automatic flour pasta machine and other categories. The noodle making machine is easy to operate, safe and hygienic, and suitable for the eyes. The transmission is stable. The transmission power is accurate and efficient. It has the characteristics of low noise, no vibration and excellent performance. It can be equipped with small drying equipment.

How to choose a noodle machine

1.Judge the quality of the internal stirring rod by listening to the noise of the work

If the sound is small, the material of the stir bar is good, and the working noise of the household small pasta machine should not be too high. Otherwise it will affect the quality of life of the family and the neighborhood relationship. The key to determining the working noise is the quality of the internal stirring rod. The noise caused by using ordinary stainless steel is the largest. In general, the noise should not exceed the volume of the soybean milk machine.

2. See the level of efficiency

The appearance time performance of the domestic small pasta machine is the primary indicator of the quality of the pasta machine. Because ordinary household pasta machines can't withstand the torque when noodles come out, the power is generally small and the appearance time is the longest. When buying, try to choose one that can withstand large torque and short appearance time.

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3. See if the materials used are solid

If we can't view the internal parts of the small noodle machine, we can learn about one or two through the materials used in the appearance of the equipment. The appearance of the noodle making machine should be neat, the surface is rough, and there are many burrs, which indicates that the quality is poor. The thickness of the heat dissipation window material cannot be too thin.

4. See if the operation design is reasonable and whether the cleaning is simple and convenient

Users of noodle making machines do not need the cumbersome instrument panel and the like of an industrial-grade oil press. The simpler the operation, the better it is. It is also important to clean up after each use.

5. See if the brand and after-sales service are formal

There are many brands of noodle making machines in the market, noodle making machine price also varies. Choosing a relatively well-known oil press brand has better after-sales and maintenance services. If equipment and operation problems occur, they can be resolved in a timely manner.


Coming to the factory to observe and understand the research and development capabilities, technical capabilities and service capabilities of the manufacturer team is important. More importantly, you can communicate your needs with the noodle making machine manufacturer well in order to buy the most ideal machine. Choosing a certain scale and strong manufacturer to buy. If it has a professional R & D team, it can guarantee the excellent quality of the machine and provide perfect after-sales service.