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Extruding Production Systems from China Make Breaks Easily

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The noodle production line is an advanced noodle making machine marked by vacuum dough mixing and photoelectric control technology. With the development of society, it is more commonly used in the production and processing industry of noodle products, and it has created greater economic benefits for people. 

According to food safety standards, all parts of the production line materials are made of food-grade materials and stainless steel. Good structural design and high degree of automation make excellent products very popular in domestic and foreign markets. It's a great break of Chinese extruding production system.

How noodle making machine works

The flour is pressed by the relative rotation of the flour roller to form a dough sheet, and then the dough sheet is sliced by a front cutter to form noodles. The shape of the noodles depends on the specifications of the noodle knives. All models can be equipped with noodle knives of different specifications, so a machine can be made into noodles of various specifications after changing the noodle knives of different specifications. The surface of the drum is polished by a grinder, which is smooth and beautiful. The rolled noodles are smooth and smooth to ensure the quality of the noodles. Reasonable design, using reducer and sprocket drive, low noise and compact structure. The hob is installed in the rear part of the industrial noodle making machine and adjusted by the frequency conversion speed regulation device, which can cut the noodles freely to a set length without measuring the weight.

Quantitative Cutting Machine

It is a new type of noodle assembly line equipment. This machine operates continuously from feeding to emergence. It has the advantages of high output, high efficiency, time and labor saving, simple operation, etc. The noodles produced are good in toughness and taste. The characteristics of the medium-sized noodle machine are: the surface of the roll is finely ground by a grinder, it is smooth and beautiful, and the rolled noodles are even and smooth to ensure good noodle quality, compact structure, user-friendly design.

Noodle machine performance characteristics

1. The noodle making machine adopts gear transmission, which runs smoothly, safely and reliably.

2. It adopts automatic picking system, with high efficiency and good quality.

3. Noodle making machine automatic conveying, automatic section, cotinuous mixer automatic loading, one-time forming.

4. Multiple groups of noodle machine are compacted, the rolls are drawn, the feeding is even and the panel is neat.

5. Noodle machine reducer, sprocket chain transmission, low noise and long service life.

6. The noodle machine is safe and hygienic.